Chipping drill…

…that can work on the full swing too.

Like a sniper changing the setting on his scope…

It gets you out of hitting at the ball and many other nasty things in chipping.

Eye a spot in front of the ball, swing there and let the ball get in the way. Most people’s practice swings are good and that is basically what this is. You will have extra shaft lean at the ball as you are swinging to a point in front of the ball. Even if you scoop at the spot in front of the ball, the club will be in a better place at impact.

Never, take your eye off that spot. It is a practice swing to that spot in front of the ball and the ball gets in the way.




  1. Calvin

    I’ll tell my brother The Flip King.

  2. Bob Saunders

    This sounds similar to the aiming point concept that TGM folk like. Bobby Clampett in particular. I like it. Thanks Monte.

  3. woody

    This sounds similar to Ben Hogan, a full swing is nothing more or less than an extension of the short swing (Five Lessons).

    And Percy Boomer, have one sensation for all shots.

    However, it’s not quite true. With a full swing, you have to get your body out of the way. With a chip, most people set up open and ready to swing onto their left side. So, the part of the full swing that does that is missing.

    But I like my backswing mechanics to be identical.

  4. woody

    And, as for your main point, the spot in front of the ball, that’s what Moe Norman said he did.

  5. Wally

    Gimmie that pipe

  6. Jason

    Yeah sometimes I look in front of the ball or at the front of the ball. Like I’ve siad before, becoming ball focused is bad. Tension, topping because of looking at the top of the ball, OTT ( I still struggle with this at times)

  7. Bob Saunders

    In the Greg Norman segment on the Driver on the Golf Channel last night, he said the same thing. We may have a trend here.Maybe Monte is smarter than he looks!

  8. HoldTheLag

    HOLD IT!

  9. meateater

    I thought this tip was kind of silly but I tried it anyway. Absolutely incredible. I hit some of the crispest chips of my life. Worked pretty well with full swings too. It takes some getting used to but hey, it works.


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