NJ1, NJ2, Atlanta and Ohio Outings

NJ 1&2 are at Royce Brook Golf Club in Hillsborough.

The dates are August 2-4 and 5-7. I have spots open in each one and a few spots open for private lessons.

Atlanta is at Heritage Links in Tucker, August 9-11 and also some private lesson times available, as well as a couple of spots in the outing.

Ohio is in Dublin on the 16-18. It’s at the Golf Center @ SportsOhio. Again, a few spots open and one or two for private lessons.

The outings are group discussions and extensive individual hands on instruction. The Flightscope and video analysis is part of the package, as is a really fun 3 hole Flightscope scramble, where I use the launch monitor and the short name area to have a little team event…with prizes.

The cost is $250 for 2 days and $350 for 3 days…plus course fee which is $75 a day in NJ and $50 in the other two spots. Private lessons are $150 an hour.

If you are interested in having one of these events in your area, you just need about 12-15 people and a facility.




  1. Pete N

    Monte, when you are in New Jersey what days and times do you have available for private lessons? How much are the lessons and where would you hold the lesson? Thanks.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      At Royce Brook, $150 an hour and late afternoon/early evening on 3,4,6 and 7….and also morning of 8th available.

      • Pete N

        Monte, can we set up a time for Sunday the 3rd late afternoon? Just let me know what time is available that day. Thanks.

  2. Roddy Spence

    Fancy coming to Scotland monte? I’ll take you for a round on the old!!

  3. Greg

    how do I go about signing up for a private lesson in NJ?

  4. Jerry

    I would like a spot on the 2nd and 3rd if you have room

  5. Andy

    Hello sir. Any openings for the NJ2 outing?

  6. al

    is there still room for atlanta?


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