My swing theory…

…and how I teach.

Hit the ball. Figure out what creates your predominant miss. Don’t do that anymore.

Do you care about how the cow was butchered or the clinical trials and production process of a drug?

Gimme a cheeseburger with ketchup and the pill that will make me stop sneezing when the air is full of pollen.

I am so tired of swing pattern debates, my fear of penitentiary is the only thing keeping me from switching my profession to Dexter at large.




  1. Mike Wine

    Thank you, Monte. A breath of fresh air. The opposite of bad…is not good.

  2. Bill

    Andy and Mike are already spitting mad!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I like Andy and Mike and they are smart guys. Irony is we only disagree on a few counts.

  3. Don Lissen

    “I am so tired of swing pattern debates.”

    Good. That doesn’t work because it’s based on a false premise. The false premise is that somebody can master an athletic activity by imagining how they look to an outside observer.

    I could be wrong, but I don’t think people’s brains are wired that way. If they were, there would be lots of success stories about golf teaching.

    Probably, most of the “success stories” are about people who were pretty good anyway, and got a little bit better.

    Plummer & Bennett, Stack & Tilt…you really think so? If there’s something to it, then Golf Digest sure did a bad job of writing it up.

  4. Ben B.


    Do you think it’s ok to have sex the night before a big tourney? My girlfriend keeps pestering me for sex and I’m trying to find excuses to keep her at bay.

    Looking forward to our next session.

    Bernard “Ben” Bednarz


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