Need some computer tech help.

I have a relatively new laptop. When I type the cursor will jump to where the pointer is and even worse, while typing emails and blog posts the screen will jump forward and backward to the next or previous page which makes me lose everything I typed.

Other than disabling the hide cursor while typing (which I have done), any ideas on how I can rectify this? Thanks for the help.




  1. Jeremy

    One problem I have noticed that matches part of what you are describing. I just got a new laptop and found that with a slightly different keyboard layout I was not inadvertently bumping the mouse track pad in the center of the board. An easy test would be to get an external mouse and then disable the on board track pad. Hopefully, that would alleviate the odd behavior you are seeing.


    • Steve Bishop

      As was said before, this tends to happen when the palm of your hand touches the touch-pad inadvertently.

  2. Matt

    Is your palm hitting the touchpad mouse area? if so in the computers control panel (look for an icon called ‘mouse’) you should be able to set the area’s sensitivity (often called ‘Palm Check’

  3. gwlee7

    Send a golf ball through it “Big Break” style. It’ll make you feel better.

  4. Peter B

    Agree, your are being tricked by your track pad. That’s OK old man LOL


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