There you have it folks…

My issue with my computer is a metaphor for golf instruction. Here I was trying and looking for all these technical solutions. Changing all of my mouse and keyboard defaults. Looking it up on the internet, downloading a program, etc.

The solution was simple to my computer issue. My palms were touching the mouse when I was typing and all I had to do was be aware of it and I stopped doing it. Simple issue, simple solution. The only problem is I am going to have to restore all my default mouse and keyboard settings.

Doesn’t this sound like what happens to every one of us when we try to figure out and fix an issue with our golf swings?

This is a valuable lessons for all of us. There is often a simple solution and we must all set our defaults back to where they were before we screwed them all up looking for a complex solution to a simple problem.




  1. Doug Benner

    Very true, Monte. I’ve spent (wasted) a lot of time with tinkering with this and that in takeaway and transition when a simpler change in posture was all it took. I guess posture (keeping your hands off of the mouse) is important with laptop use as well. I wish there were a restore button I could hit for some of the elements in my swing.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yea this comparison wasn’t implied, I used like or as.

  2. S.

    “There is often a simple solution.”

    Yup. My big mistake when I decided to learn golf was thinking, “I want to go about this the right way, so I’m going to get books written by experts.” Ha, ha, ha.

    Of course it didn’t work, so I thought, “I’ll just watch the experts on the Golf Channel.” Ha, ha, ha.

    The light began to dawn when you said, “everything turns together.” And, I knew you were onto something when I heard Moe Norman say the same thing. With that as a foundation, I could put it together.


  3. Michael

    Does this mean you have fat hands? Is my swing poor because I have skinny hands? Is there a training aid you’re willing to endorse that will guarantee fatten my hands so I can swing better?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I have a fat head, both literally and figuratively.


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