My wife is making me watch the Bachelorette…

What can I do to retaliate?

Make her watch watch Golf Channel Academy with Dave Pelz, The Haney Project or The Big Break?

Actually that is too cruel and even the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay shouldn’t be subjected to that.

I’ve got it. When is the Miss Hooters International Pageant on?




  1. Keith

    My wife’s laundry list of crap TV includes The Bachelorette, Jon & Kate Plus 8, and that crappy Tori Spelling show.

    I make her watch Star Trek.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      The Tori Spelling Show? I am so so sorry. I would rather watch Dave Pelz do an hour on, “How to grind on those one footers.”

  2. Keith

    I am honestly shocked that she’s never picked up the Denise Richards show.


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