My training program that made me the #1 long driver in the world

I figured since I am getting back into long driving in 2012…I posted this for two reasons. It’s kind of funny and it shows you something very important.

The important thing is hitting the ball a huge distance is not something you can learn by putting the club in a funky, made up position (adding lag, cough…restricting hip turn cough…completing the back swing cough…widening the arc in the back swing…cough cough cough). You can do it or you can’t and there is no training method or “swing system” that will make you hit it that far if you don’t have the natural ability.

What you can do is achieve your own maximum distance you can hit the ball through your personal, proper fundamentals that will also lead to better golf. In other words, hit the ball 250 and shoot 78 with proper fundamentals…or hitting an occasional 280 while most often hitting it 230 into someone’s swimming pool and shooting 88 by adding false lag…or some other fad.

Here is the best part. The proper fundamentals will help you hit the ball longer than any “hit it farther” fad, because you will hit the ball more solid, more often and with more club head speed by not having any tension or restrictions holding you up by doing something that is forced and/or unnatural.

I am often asked how I trained for the long drive contests. A friend of mine once interjected to both make fun of me and also illustrate that freak distances are just that…freak.

“Schein wakes up at 11 or 12, eats a one pound bag of Skittles, drinks a gallon of Gatorade, goes out to the range, hits one wedge, two 7 irons and then hits driver as hard as he can for the next 5 hours. The best part is when both ends of the range were open, he couldn’t wait for when the tees were about 350 or 360 apart. He would aim for people he didn’t like then wave his fist at them after he rolled one up into their ball pile…and they were too afraid to mouth off to a guy who could it it that far, was angry, crazy and hyped up on enough sugar that would give an entire football team diabetes.”

Truth be told, this is probably the least hyperbolic statement ever made about me.

Let me know if you want to hear funny stories about me hitting into people and people and course marshals getting mad at me for waiting too long to hit. The irony is some of them happened on the same hole.

PS-I do not endorse Skittles or Gatorade as part of a routine that will help you hit the ball long. I don’t drink or smoke, but I could eat raw processed sugar out of a bag from the baking section of the grocery store. As a matter of fact, every year I have to make multiple trips to Costco during Halloween week, as I end up eating all of the candy.

I also don’t endorse hitting into people on the range or the course…unless their pre-shot routine takes longer than it did for you to read this article.




  1. woody

    You write, “Let me know if you want to hear funny stories about me hitting into people and people and course marshals getting mad at me for waiting too long to hit. ”

    Bring it on. I hate slow play.

  2. Eddie

    Funny post. I especially like diet. But in all seriousness, do you recommend any sorts of training for increasing swing speed/preventing injuries? For me, I’ve noticed a mix of running and ab exercises, together with some light weights has helped alleviate most (if not all, knock on wood) of my lower back pain. But do you have any exercises to increase clubhead speed that you care to share?

  3. HoldTheLag

    IF you like these kinds of stories, Monte’s ebook has even more.

    BTW, even if it would make me hit 600 yards I would not consume that much sugar that quick.

    Well, maybe once.


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