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  1. Calvin

    #4 (Volcano) is an embarrassment. However he creates a good source of conversation at some much later date.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I have embarrassed myself a few times. OK, more than a few. I was a very angry lad at times…LOL.

  2. spanky

    #4 – Volcano.

    Played with a workmate a few years ago, (first time on course with him), he wasn’t playing too well and was gradually getting more worked up.

    He went into a fairway bunker for about the 3rd time, and then hit it fat! thats when he kicked off big time!
    Never heard so many swear words screamed in such a short time, or at such a volume. The course was chock full as well, I felt embarrased for myself at first, and then as it carried on I started to think it was really funny, and then after witnessing a frenzy of Sand wedge & bunker abuse I started to feel really sad and embarrased for my friend. Didn’t really know what to say to him after it was over.

    He’s still a very close friend, he’s a very nice guy, it was a few years later he told me about the abusive marriage he’d been in, and some of the things he’d been suffered through.

    Good luck to you DH.

  3. Jason

    Is “death by ugga bugga” the same as “death by bundi”? I know the “death be bundi” joke LOL…..

  4. woody

    I see #12 as volcano, #4 as cart girl hustler.

    Here’s an interesting ploy…get her to hit one. That way, she’s out of the cart, and you can…er, size her up. (0:34)


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