My students are the best and brightest

Below is the quality of person who comes to me for golf advice. I am obviously doing Nobel Prize worthy work. This is in fact one of my prize pupils.

Frank is currently 2nd alternate for the AT&T. I need some crossed fingers from y’all.

I am qualifying for The Northern Trust on Thursday. I am completely unprepared, so it will give you guys a chance to make fun of me. I am pure on the practice area, but having played a total of 4 rounds of golf since October, I have no feel for the course. That being said, I am completely sure if I am not a total putz mentally, I am going to shoot a decent score. The bad news is mental putzness on the golf course has become a favorite pastime, so we shall see if I can get out of my own way. On any given day, I am capable of shooting 63 or 78.

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  1. Brett

    Good luck to you and Frank.

  2. Bob Saunders

    Good luck Thursday, Monte.

  3. woody

    Go Monte. As it stands now, you’re tied for the lead. All you have to do is maintain, and you’re at least in a playoff.

  4. northgolf

    Even putzes can have a good day.

  5. Calvin

    Dang. Riviera? Hogan’s Alley? Adrenalin rush.
    That is hugely exciting. I’m thinking of the golf
    history and what most of us would give to be good
    enough to attempt what you are doing. Dang.

  6. claude

    I have a feeling this will be a good week for you and Frank both!!! You have it all Monte…Believe in yourself as we all believe in you and it may surprise you how well you do…Kinda hoping to read headlines after the Northern Trust such as “Ex-long drive champion steals the show at Hogan’s alley winning by 15 strokes against a world-class field”…Go Monte Go!!!!

  7. claude

    also…agreed on your students being “the best and brightest”…specifically the international students :)))

  8. Jason

    Most of us are Golf Putzes….

    Good luck Monte!!!!

  9. Tom McNamara

    Best of luck to both of you! I wish any day regardless of mental state resulted in a 78 for me, but I’m getting close.

  10. Mike Divot

    “Woods seeks private lesson with winner of Northern Trust.”

    “Miranda Kerr ‘impressed’ by long drive champ’s Northern win.”

    – Monday’s headlines

    (Scratch that second one. How about “Miranda Kerr leaves husband for guy who posts on golfer’s blog.”)


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