1 under thru 5-edit 4

Missed two 8-10 footers.

Took 1:33 to play first 5 holes. Sheesh!

Hit it over the green on a good shot on 7 and made bogey.

Missed a 6 footer with a foot of break on 11 and burned the edge from 10 feet on 12. Still even.

Probably need 2-3 coming in.

Nearly made a fantastic birdie on 13, the hardest hole. Then a tried really hard to bogey 14 and 15, but failed.

Even with 3 to play, but two par 5’s.

Hit a bomb on 16 and hit 8 iron over the pin and over the green. Tough spot and was not able to get up and down for birdie.

Made birdie from 15 feet on 17 to get to 1 under. Hit a good drive on 592 yard 18th. No idea what it will take.

Necked slightly a 3-wood into the lip of the bunker at the pin from 272. Hit a great shot to 8 feet, didn’t hit it hard enough for the line I picked.


No idea if that’s close, in or out.

On a side note, I am irate. Something needs to be done in golf about slow play and pre shot routines. There was a guy in front of me who would park over putts frozen for literally 30-45 seconds.

When I was waiting to hit my second shot into 18, he froze me like an NFL kicker.

He took between 2-3 minutes to miss a 3 footer, remark it, reread an 18″, park for 30 seconds and finally in.

It took over 5 hours to play and this clown was never put on the clock even though they were behind all day.

Gin Kim needs to be called out. As do all of the other inconsiderate golfers who are cheating.

Yes, I said cheating. Pace of play guidelines in pro events are rules just like all of the other ones that get you penalized.

It’s the only rule in golf that somehow isn’t enforced and no one calls that penalty on themselves like all the other rules.

Until that changes, I am no longer enforcing the OB rule on myself.




  1. Calvin

    Must be a lot of hackers in front of you. 🙂

  2. Brett

    Just plan on making a day of it – a GREAT day. Have fun and shoot low.

  3. Calvin

    Good play Monte. You have to be pleased.

    Slow play. 5 hours is unacceptable. Use your big boy voice.

  4. woody

    Speed up the game? Make OB a lateral hazard–and it is anyway on some courses by local rule.

    If the pros like it the way it is, bifurcate.

  5. eric

    Fuq it just take a free drop every time you hit it OB Monte haha
    Can’t wait to hear some of your stories from your day at the circus!

  6. Ken

    Now you know how Tiger felt on the back 9 at Torrey with so play on Monday !!!!


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