More videos coming-Getting close to 200 mph ball speed

I said this a few weeks ago and time has been in short supply. I still have 8-10 good ideas and they are coming at some point. I am getting ready for the Remax in two weeks, so things still up in the air for a time frame.

I said Frank was doing really well…I also played well yesterday. Nipped him 67-68. He gave me a putting lesson and I made everything.

He made nothing…LOL. There was saran wrap on the hole for him. He must have hit it inside 15 feet, 12 times or more and burned the edge.

Below is me practicing with my latest new club getting ready for the World Championships. Based on the Trackman numbers from last week’s competition, I setup a driver with a lighter shaft, and a lower loft. This had an Aldila RIP Alpha 60 XX with a Geek 4* loft head.

I put up 132 MPH SS, 197 Ball Speed, around 11* launch and 2100 rpm spin.





  1. David

    And with a very nice-looking golf swing too ! Congrats !

  2. banner12


    Looking good. Keep that good rhythm.

    Any injury issues?

  3. Andrew from Belgium

    It looks almost effortless – d..n you!!!! At least a swing like that should see you through all the preliminaries without too much physical discomfort.

    Best for the Remax

  4. calvin

    “Put me in coach…
    I’m ready to play…..”

  5. jaybee

    Fantastic. Good to see an old school finish (right shoulder lower than left) at that level, maybe you have a view on that topic as well. I did not play for a long time and tried out your most recent tips to stunning effect on video, if not always ballstriking yet. Loved the “separation between left shoulder and chin” thing most- that seems to take care of the left arm roatation in the downswing2, add power and save almost every swing-4me. Keep it up and good luck at the Remax.

  6. sssc (@sssc)

    i get a lot out of watching you actually hit balls. it would be nice to have a vid of you actually hitting balls from diff angles! ty


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