Frank is really good right now

We have put our heads together for 5 months now and we have him back where he needs to be.

As soon as he gets past his struggles mentally and remembers how good he is, he will win again on tour.

If he can navigate his way trough Q-school and has 25 opportunities next year…he will prove he still has it and in his words…”I will make you famous.”




  1. Bob

    Good luck to Frank and you. This is great to anticipate. Thanks for letting us in on the “inside”!

    • Mike Divot

      Yeah, definitely.

      Go Monte! Go Frank!

  2. Brett

    Great news! Go Frank!

  3. casvolsmu (@casvolsmu)

    looking forward to a big year. I know your vids and common sense and plain-speaking style have helped me look at my swing. I don;t always agree, but it at least gets me thinking about the right stuff as i practice. Back down to a 1 after 2 back surgeries, and getting closer to actually being able to play again, and I have you to thank for much of it. KISS. The ball will diagnose everything.

  4. calvin

    Will you be with Frank at Q-school?

  5. HoldTheLag

    Hey when you get to the big time don’t forget about little old us here esp. your buddy HoldTheLag!!!

  6. banner12

    At this point, given what’s happened in the last year, less rose colored glasses & Pollyanna with a more realistic approach might work better. You’re setting the bar a tad too high given his age with your proclamations of winning, top ten’s etc. A more modest view might be in order. Don’t talk the talk, until you walk the walk. Lower your sights a bit and a top 20 won’t seem like such a failure.

    • Robert Johansson

      seems to me its more Frank than anyone.
      age has nothing to do with it.
      its all ambition and confidence.

    • Mike Divot

      There’s the winning attitude for you.

      “I have a dream … ah, what the hell. It’ll probably never come true.”

      “I dream of things that never were, and sigh, and roll over and go back to sleep.”

      “None of you ever knew George Gipp. That’s because he’s dead, like we’ll all be soon enough.”

      Don’t listen, Frank! Tear it up!

  7. woody

    There is precedent:

    John Daly’s golf ranking dropped to 507th in the world, but he made a comeback and he won again. His ranking rose to 37th.

    • Robert Johansson

      Allan doyle beat tiger in 2 days with like 17 shots or so once, went and won the us open on the senior tour and beat down tom watson in one of them. age is a non factor in golf.

      • banner12

        “age is a non factor in golf.”

        Really? I guess that’s why so many Senior Tour players are winning regular tour events. Who knew?

      • Robert Johansson

        More golfers at age 40+ win more than before age 40.
        having a 25 year in golf also affects ambition, your rich and have blow jobs for free every day or you pay a call girl, your choice I guess.
        However it still affect the level of ambition.

        Kenny Perry went on to qualify to ryder cup and since he really wanted that to happen he won 3 times in a year and almost had the master title in his pocket when he choked. He had ambition but lacked enough confidence. He then as he got the job done, slowly will whiter down in the ranks.

        People who get it all done 20+ years in the game, just slowly dont need to do it all and then their results slumbers down. to much money and success dont make you hungry.


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