More on the arms

The other day I posted…

1. They work up and in (back).

2. They DO NOT work down and in.
3. They DO NOT work away from you.

Here are some concepts and what they GENERALLY promote:

Low and Slow-2
Widen the arc-3
One piece takeaway-2
Swing inside out (right field)-2
Passive wrist takeaway-2,3
Objects under the arm pits-2
Stay connected-2
Take it outside to avoid an inside takeaway-3

Vertical wrist set-1
Left shoulder down, left arm up-1
Right shoulder away from the ball-1




  1. Jeff

    I totally agree with you.

  2. Calvin

    Does “vertical wrist set” imply standing the club straight up as per John Redman?

    • Road Runner

      Hi, when Monte demos a vertical wrist set in one of his videos, he moves the club shaft towards his nose when stood up straight with the club in front of him. Very easy to do when stood like that but blending it into the complete backswing is a different matter. Here’s how I went about making it an instinctive move rather than a thinking one.

      I practised doing the simple move every day in batches of 20. First 10 eyes open checking the outcome and then next 10 with eyes closed focussing on the feel in the hands and arm muscles.

      When I was happy with that I turned my shoulders 45 degrees, including the head, and repeated the process – still standing vertically. The focus is to ensure the same feel in the hands/arms is still there and the outcome in still the same with the shaft moving towards my nose.

      Next I turned my head back to looking straight ahead and focussed on the feel aspect of the exercise but no longer being able to check the outcome.

      I then put myself in all sorts of daft positions and then moved the club trying to keep the feel as it was at the start.

      My idea was that if the feel was the same no matter what the position of the club and my body, then when I was doing a backswing, the feel would look after the wrist setting; as my arms lifted and my body turned.

      I have just played the best three consecutive rounds of my golfing career and I feel so “unstuck”, the downswing just seemed to happen.

      The last back 9 was as good as I have ever played and I noticed something was happening with my left arm. Not only was it lifting as Monte points out but I could feel it ROLLING up my chest rather than sliding. Then in the downswing it felt like it was rolling down….

      Decided to see if anyone had mentioned this on the Internet and came across this post:-

      So just a matter of hingingj the wrists vertically, while lifting the whole of the left arm, as the whole of it rotates up the chest, while turning the right shoulder back away from the ball …………, simples!


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