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  1. Parmark

    Wow! Great job on both sides. And just one correction – most of the credit goes to Monte!

  2. Woody

    Well done! Good interaction. Hard to believe you were not teaching him to flip his wrists, but the proof is in the outcome. I would like to see the same instruction with a driver or 3 iron that seems to be much harder to square up than a 7 iron.

    Thanks for producing and sharing.

  3. Kyle

    Monte, I tend to get steep with my driver and 3 wood, and it wrecks my round when I do. Would these same drills/feels work with driver/3 wood or are they for irons only?

  4. Mark

    Nice lesson. Brendon should interrupt less though.

  5. Chris

    How much did it pain you to say “compression” when looking at the spin loft?

  6. Charles henson

    Why does the interviewers always talk too much? great info, and well explained.

  7. Swaff

    I’m a right handed person playing golf left handed. Does the image or feel of “throw the angle” or “cast the club” in the no turn/cast drill work when the focus is on your lead hand?

    My trail hand (left) feels almost absent during the swing because I’m so right hand dominant.

  8. Sssc

    I watched the video twice this morning before my 10:30 tee time. I got in a groove on number five, and finished the entire round “hitting” it the best I ever have!!! I even managed to get a great height on my driver, normally a low bullet hook…

  9. John Brown

    I played Bonita National yesterday. Nice new course in SW Florida. I played the tees that were barely over 6,000 yards because I’m getting old, I haven’t been playing much, and first time on the course. I took the swing thoughts from the video to the course. My ball striking was terrific. Although I shot an 80 due to chubby chips, a shank, and over-the-top into the water, etc., it was a fun day. I birdied 3 out of the first five holes. My drives were straight, my irons were solid and at the flag. Funnest day in a long time. Oh, and I beat Tiger by 5. Thanks Monte for sharing with the hacking community.

  10. Mike Everson

    I just want to say a huge “Thank you” for all the teaching you do. After watching this lesson and teaching it to my son, we both played great this weekend. I shot 85 (my best round in years and my son shot 87 (breaking 90 for the first time). Most fun we have had in a long time on the course. He shot 101 the day before before we implemented this simple drill/swing thought! Incredible results. Still working my way thru your swing concepts but you have to devoted followers in Charlotte NC. If you are ever in Charlotte, lunch is on me!

  11. Ryan

    I implemented the “wrist-set, right-arm-thru” idea that you expressed in this video this week with great results. Irons felt and sounded amazing. Ball flight was really good too, though had some misses left and right. Bottom line, thank you. This simplistic idea works. It really works.
    Two questions:
    1. Making great contact, but missing directionally left and right (straight ball flight) and I believe it is due to grip. Do you ever suggest adjusting ‘strongness’ of grip to alleviate a ‘good miss’?
    2. How does this “wrist-set, right-arm-thru” idea apply to driver? I had mixed results applying this to my driver.

    Again, many thanks!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Grip is very personal and can be adjusted to make body align better, but not necessarily affect ball flight directly.

      This feel generally gives people trouble with driver. In grain with shorter stuff.


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