More on driver with Brendon. Hitting up and draw at your own risk.




  1. David Edwards

    Once again Monte talks absolute sense, chasing “ideal” numbers is being a slave to the effect not the cause. If you stop hitting the middle of the clubface you are done.

    Statistically, if I have my feet in an oven and my head in a fridge then overall, I am the ideal temperature. Except I have frostbitten ears and third degree burns on my toes.

  2. daveydo

    I really like the way you think Monte. When I’m swinging my best I hid a fade. Trying to change to a hit a draw as my standard shot has screwed everything up. I guess if i thought like You I’d have o say that if it ain’t broke then don’t fix it. Can you clarify face closed to the path or face opened to the path


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