Merion proves my point about course design

I ave been ranting and raving for 10 years about how ridiculous modern design is.

Here you ave Merion. Under 7000 yards, no rock piles in the middle of the fairway, no canyons 5 feet from the edge of the fairway, no mounds in the fairway that repel the ball into said canyons and no 6 tiered greens.

Yet…look at the scores. I am sure there are throngs of people out here who love the “canyon” courses who are calling this a well manicured muni.




  1. Chris S

    I love how some of the players said the course was going to be easy because of the rain in their pre round interviews, but nobody went super low yesterday. It’s still a US Open setup, 4 inch+ rough ain’t getting any shorter with the rain…

  2. calvin

    I’ve been ranting that rant for 20 + years. You are spot on. This Open is really going to be a treat.

    I’d love to see you and Frank play it after while it’s in Open condition and get your comments then.

  3. northgolf

    No canyons, just rough that will eat you alive.

  4. Tom McNamara

    It shut Johnny Miller up for a minute…and that’s what really counts! lol

    You gotta love when they don’t score well on an “easy course” made “easier by the slow greens” and no one knows why they aren’t scoring well…great design is the answer

  5. atyler16

    You would love the local “links” course in the middle of California. Elephants on every green.

  6. Robert Evans

    Please, no canyons, or railroad ties.

  7. Tazz

    If you don’t hit the fairway with your tee shot you should be penalized.

    It would be nice to see a Hogan, Snead, or Nelson play and hit 14/14 fairways and 18/18 greens. Show these young whipper snappers what real golf is.

    Hint: It ain’t bomb and gouge.

  8. pcb_duffer

    Alas, the PGA Tour doesn’t want a grind fest on a week to week basis, they want a birdie fest. The USGA still puts a premium on keeping the ball in play.

  9. calvin

    Tiger. Over-trained.


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