I feel stupid.

I told several people on Thursday and Friday I thought Justin Rose would win as he looked like he was the most free with his move. Now all I can do is be a Monday morning predictor.

I can also rehash my position on Tiger’s Golf swing.

I have an insight here that I don’t think anyone else does. People assumed I didn’t make the tour because I was crooked, had a bad short game, was a bad putter, bad course management, bad attitude, etc.

None of those were true. I was very straight with the driver most of the time, had a great short game I learned from playing the courses at PGA west and my putting was at worst adequate, and at best well above average for a tour level player.

I had two issues, distance control and the occasional foul ball with driver. Sound familiar?

Now I am obviously not putting myself on the same level as Tiger, that would be ridiculous. However, me not being able to make it through Q-school is very similar to Tiger’s inability to win majors the last 4+ years.

Stats don’t tell the whole story. The occasional foul ball with driver and distance control issues with his irons are a result of flaws in his swing.

People would look at my swing and say it was perfect. I look back, they were hideously wrong. My swing was terriblein the context of managing misses. I look at it now and say…”wow, try making that swing work when it’s OB left and right during second stage of Q-school. Bet you could hit some nice 160 yard wedges when you have 135.”

Tiger wins when he is unconscious with the putter, but there are issues with his swing…stats be damned.

I have been saying this for 4+ years. He is going to struggle to win majors with that swing and I will continue to say it despite what is thrown at me.

His arms don’t have enough room. Any other golfer would have trouble winning the secretaries flight of the club championship with that swing unless they stalled and flipped.

The golf swing for any golfer is entirely about having room and with all the “perfect hogan type positions” he is hitting, he has no room.

This is pertinent to all of you for one reason. Forget about positions and supposed ideals. Give yourself room and that is individual…and standing farther away doesn’t necessarily create room.




  1. Dayo

    How do you establish that ‘room’? Is it all in the setup? If so, can you reference a video of yours that addresses this issue? Thanks in advance

  2. Tom McNamara

    Would it be safe to assume that “room” is adequately created at the setup and lost with early extension or other body compensations resulting in manipulations of the club? Does one “maintain” room made at setup with a proper swing or “create” the proper amount of room with proper sequence? I’m stuck knowing I need to get my right elbow faster, but end up cramped and flipping when I try too hard and feel like things are working with lots of room when I quite trying so hard and start swinging…silly game!

    • David

      I’m not sure if this is what Monte has in mind when he talks about room. I’m a chronic flipper and found Bradley Hughes videos last weekend. Like this one : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KbgVekzpJk

      He rambles a lot about details, but it’s good info and seems to fit with Monte’s thoughts. Essentially, a lack of forearm rotation will cause the right arm to extend which leads to stalling flipping. By doing that rotation and keeping the arm bent through the swing, this makes it impossible to swing with the arms. It also give the feeling of room because the club stays closer to your body so you don’t feel like you need to either get out of your posture or miss the ball.

  3. Will

    You know what’s ironic? Foley has two guys in contention, and neither of them happen to be the best player of our generation, who once again lost it on the weekend of a major to shoot himself out of contention. The old Tiger might be gone, which would really suck. Instead of being a transcendent talent, now he’s just the best of a good bunch, and that depends on the week. Athletic greatness is never permanent; that’s the nature of the beast. But if his greatness is behind him, the saddest parts are that it happened too soon, and that it’s premature exit was his own doing, from the repeated drastic swing changes to the personal problems.

  4. calvin

    Phil Putted great they just didn’t go in. He could have won by 3 or 4 .
    The wedge was inexplicable on the short 3.

  5. Bob crissy

    I ha e been working on our lesson

    Don’t quite space for and don’t feel them seingpp

  6. Gina

    is Tiger still #1 in the world? i guess with his crappy swing.. what does that say about all the other players… lol.

    does anyone else have more wins than Tiger in the PGA this year? just wondering…

    how many other players have won multiple majors within the last 4 years… only Roy?

    Tiger will be fine… he is smart enough to know what he needs to do to his swing…im sure there are few golfers in the world that study as much as he does.

    • atyler16

      He measures his success or failure on Majors. He’s gone five years now without. If he is so friggin smart why has he had driver/swing issues for what seems like several years? Is it people telling him wrong or him being stubborn?

  7. Jason

    “forget about positions and ideals”…. so true!!!!

    Loved your recent WRX article – great piece!

    Keep up the good work!


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