Listening to Tour pros about the golf swing

There are three things at work here.

1. The common theme in the golf media where a great player is imparting his feels and what worked for him that aren’t necessarily correct or even what he actually does. I once heard Jim Furyk say he feels he swings like Hogan. Obviously some hyperbole, but that drives home the point.

2. Those feels are not applicable to most of the public. If I posted here what I try to do when I compete in a long drive contest, everyone who followed that would hopefully quit golf before they injured themselves.

3. I always listen to tour players when they talk about playing golf and learn as much as possible. I also learn many of the misconceptions my students/clients are going to show up with from listening to them. 😀




  1. MSGolfer

    Speaking of Tour player golf swing comments, could you write a post why probably 99% of Tour players talk about and work on “keeping the club outside my hands on the way back” (if you were looking at them down the line when the club shaft is parallel with the ground). You’d think being right in line with the hands is the goal, but not the case.

  2. woody

    Good thing you don’t listen to Faldo very much. Clueless as a swing analyst.

    I know Wayne deFrancesco is competition for you, and he’s mostly clueless too, but he has a pretty good recent video about how clueless Golf Channel’s Jerry Folz (former pro) and Kratzert (instructor/analyst) are.

    All this aside, listening to pros talk is about the only way to get something useful. Sure, they don’t know what they really do, but at least it’s interesting. The best instruction out there was Golf Channel’s “Playing Lessons with the Pro,” before they wrecked it by having celebrities with them.

  3. woody

    And then, there’s Larry Nelson’s recent Golf Channel appearance.

    Key thought: hold the lag.

    • HoldTheLag

      Damn straight.

    • Bob Saunders

      You saw that too. I was waiting for Monte to comment on it.

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Yea, that was awful…and today’s blog post was a response to someone bringing up just that segment.

  4. Justin Greene

    At the end of the day the pros are the best people to learn from

  5. Calvin

    I absolutely think you should post what you try to do when you compete in long drive.
    I have little interest in bomb and gouge golf but I think that if you post what you try to do it just adds to the body of swing knowledge. I don’t think anyone will hurt themselves.

  6. RBIm Developer

    1. feel
    2. perception of feel vs reality
    3. perception of feel is what actually happens when it isnt.


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