After yesterday’s post I got many requests that can be summed up as…

“Do you give online lessons.’

I feel that makes it the perfect time to plug my website. The lessons are $25 for one or five for a hundred. On the website you load a down the line video and a face on video.

I give a write up on what you do well so that you keep that as a base for your improvement and a few things to work on. Most often it’s setup issues and one swing issue to work on in the context of a plan (not unlike my live lessons) and how it will fix other issues automatically.

You also get a few stock videos that are embedded on the website and/or links to one or more of my youbtube videos. They visually describe things I described in the write up.

For those skeptical about how successful online lessons are…I have had several people drop as many as 10 shots off their handicaps and one who went from never breaking 90 to breaking 80 in 5 lessons.

Because my general approach is simple, my online lessons are nearly as effective as the live ones…for those not living in Southern California…as I have not yet become the Slicefixer (Geoff Jones) of the west.

Give it a try. It’s not that expensive and you will learn something you were previously unaware of.

LINK to Better Golf 😀




  1. Exilgolfer

    Congratulations to your new website. May the sell out begin 😉
    I wish you all the best and even more I wish you a good day on a qualifier this coming months.
    greetings http://www.exilgolfer.de

    • Monte Scheinblum

      It’s not a new website. It’s been there for two years and the link has been on the right side of the main blog page for that long. 😀

  2. Exilgolfer

    I understand, that is also a good reason for for the design, that looks at least three years old 🙂

  3. Brian

    What course in OC do you use for in-person lessons and what do you charge?

    • Brian

      I’m being framed. How can I ensure that a high standard of post quality is upheld with two people named Brian?

  4. Jason

    I know Brian, there ia another Jason too LOL……….


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