It’s not a coincidence.

The guys at the top of the leaderboard at The Masters are none of the “perfect swingers,” it’s all guys who know how to play the game.

I like discussing fundamentals and my different ideas on how to improve your swing individually, but the top of the leaderboard right now shows us that swing systems and cookie cuter positions are not relevant.

I am not saying none of these guys have good golf swings. I am saying that playing the game is more important than having a perfect golf swing. Something I am trying to learn again.




  1. B. Kozel

    Monty, on a different subject if I can ask from you. I read your info every day and enjoy the info .I’ve tried all the tips that help but can you do a video on weight-shift to stop hitting FAT SHOTS!

  2. Carrera

    Monte, I think the guys who criticize Westwood’s bent left arm don’t give enough praise to his unbelievably great pivot through the ball. I love watching him hit iron shots.

    I also liked the shots of Watson hitting balls on th range during the Golf Channel pre-game. Great pivot also.

  3. torpet

    You said that TW didn’t ‘dive’ into the ball during the first round. I may be wrong but I think he still does. So he’s closer to the ball at impact than he is at adress. Where does this ‘excessive’ height go? As I see it he raises his left shoulder to compensate. If he can ‘force’ himself not to dive he would thin the ball – wright/wrong? Is the dive a remnant from his young years in an effort to put
    some extra power into the shot with too heavy clubs? Caddy dip?


    • Monte Scheinblum

      What I meant was not as much as he does when he struggles.

      When he doesn’t dive at the ball as much, he releases it better, so there is no thin shot…and he drives it straighter.


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