Don’t ever let a straight shot kill you.

That doesn’t sound too profound, but most course management strategies are not profound, but the obvious escapes most of us when we play.

I will give two examples of this and you will know what I mean. Both of these examples have been witnessed by yours truly thousands of times.

Golfer A plays a 20-30 yard slice with his driver. Very common issue. Golfer A lines up 10 yards left of the fairway and hits his patented banana ball in the fairway with regularity.

Now Golfer A comes to a hole with OB just left of the fairway, some light trees to the right and an adjoining fairway way to the right. Guess what? Golfer A still lines up 10 yards left of the fairway, actually releases one properly and hits it dead straight into someone’s swimming pool.

When there is severe trouble to one side of the fairway and not much on the other side, adjust your strategy. In this case, your target is not the middle of the fairway, but the far right edge of the fairway.

Golfer B is a low single digit and plays a nice soft draw. He normally sets up 20-30 feet right of a flag and rolls his soft draw in there. Now golfer B comes to a back right pin position, with water 20 feet right of the pin and 50 feet of green left of the pin. He sets up 10 feet out into the water, but he doesn’t feel that 5 MPH left to right wind above the tree tops and his draw, never draws.

Splish, splash, I was takin’ a bath…

If there is a bailout area, you don’t ever want a straight ball to kill you.

PS-Tiger is not diving at the ball. If he continues to swing the way he is swinging, he will win by 10.

PPS-I have started practicing again and will have some videos of my swing for you to make fun of next week.



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  1. Will

    Funny you posted this. I was was having this problem all throughout the round I played last week. It’s like I was so scared to hook the shot that I would aim a little extra right for insurance. Straight balls cost me a few fairways and some lost balls.


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