It’s coming…

In the next few weeks I am going to have a three part video series on the release and related items. IMO, it is going to be huge and helpful to everyone that reads/watches it.

Part 1-Why an early/gradual/proper release is not a cast.
Part 2-I will prove why lagging on purpose and other cliches don’t work correctly away from the drawing board…and I am not even going to use a golf club to prove it.
Part 3-The benefits of a proper release. All of the nasty problems it can help you with.

I am hoping that all of you will help me take this series viral and send it to every golfer you know. I want to have affects on three different groups of people.

Group #1-The golfers who don’t care about mumbo jumbo and want to get better. They will take a giant step in that direction.

Group #2-The cliche spouters. I want to educate them on why those cliches are not helpful to themselves or others.

Group #3-The lag holding crowd. I want to annoy them. 😛 …and maybe they will back off making that the sole purpose of the golf swing. That is all I really hope for.

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  1. mship

    Monte –

    Now that I know you and I are on the same page with the role of the right arm…”release”….I am very excited to see this because I am sure it is exactly what I am thinking it is going to be.

    I have been saying for the longest time that this, in my opinion, is the key to w/e golfers actually getting better…understand HOW to turn the shoulders and how the right arm (for righties) works. I am willing to bet 95% of the golfers on this sight do not understand these 2 points.

    Can’t wait to see it. You might want to check out the video I posted for you in the forum of TW practicing his release 🙂

    • mship

      HA! Now I just need to learn how to spell….I meant site not sight 🙂

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Nice mship. I don’t see him practicing burying it inside and trying to hold the lag.

      • Kevin

        I want to see 0:49 and beyond where Stevie grabs your camera. 🙂

  2. Kevin

    Monte, are you going to use “accumulators” in your post?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yes, I am accumulating brain aneurysms every time I see people talk about creating lag.

  3. ric

    My understanding on Lag is that it is something that happens with proper core rotation, the sequence of the kinetic chain working in the correct order. I am with you on the fact that if you “hold” someting in a position it is not lagging at all. the term lag is so misused in the golfing world by people who have had a teaspoon of information from the Golfing Machine. Ben Doyle teaches a very simple pivot based swing and seems, at least from my eyes to try to get the student to feel the pivot pulling the the arms and hand into a natural and graceful “lagging” of the clubhead and a centripital release (it just happens)
    There are also 2 very opposite views of TGM’ers and the “holders” don’t much like Doyle, but he is the original instructor of the book and like to many texts (the bible and coran to name 2) it has been so misinturpreted by people who want it to mean something else.
    so please don’t hate on all the people who love to lag! some of us get the real meaning of it.


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