Is there any attempt at adding lag in this practice swing?




  1. torpet

    To me…….it looks as if they’re waiting for the group ahead to move forward. TW just tries to handle his restlessness. I don’t think his mind is on swing mechanics at all. But, I’m probably wrong.

    • mship

      Torpet – you may not be totally incorrect as I am sure he is waiting for time to pass and indeed may be talking about which female he is meeting tonight but he is indeed moving for a purpose and he is working on a “feeling”.

  2. radioman


  3. Al

    Monty: Just so everyone is one the same page, what are your thoughts on this video of Tiger?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Tiger has a problem, especially with driver, of diving, getting underneath the plane and hitting blocks and flip hooks. He yelled, “release the club” when he threw his driver into the weeds at the Barclay’s last year. This is him trying to get the club released and out in front of him so he doesn’t have those problems.

  4. mship

    If you pause this at the 20 second mark you will see TW stop the club parallel to the ground with the full angle still maintained between his left arm and the club. No casting. The proper and gradual unhinging of the right arm is exactly what TW referred to when he has talked about his arms going for a ride or when Ben Hogan spoke of pulling an arrow out of a quiver…I now know what they meant…this is clearly it.

    To prove it I would like you all to try something….stand in front of a mirror DL view and swing to the top….now from the top just unhinge that right arm as TW does in the video above. understanding this is the key to never coming OTT anymore and mainting your spine angle If you are the swinger that subscribes to arms in front like TW. But this is also key for guys who’s swing tends to get deep like VJ or Rory M. You still have to unhinge the right arm properly you just have to ensure that you really clear your hips. But bottomline is that understanding this is key. I have looked at tons of swings in slow mo for several years now and EVERY tour pro and good golfer does this regardless of what swing model they use.

    We each have our own swing DNA, there is NO cookie cutter, but we do need to understand just a few things to play good golf CONSISTANTLY and that is how to properly turn the shoulders, how the right arm works in the swing, and how to get your weight on the left. Once you understand these three things you can apply them to your swing and you WILL start to play better golf. It IS that simple.

  5. s.

    Consciously creating lag is part of the swing for someone who is trying to muscle the club with their arms.

    For others, including the pros, I think lag is a result, not a cause.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      You and I agree…although I would bet some PGA Tour players do it consciously. They are just good enough and practice enough to over come that approach.

      • s.

        I think you’re right that some pros probably generate an arm-dominant purposeful lag. I can recall a story told by a mini-tour pro who said he didn’t discover the other way until he was sick and couldn’t generate any arm power….and he had an epiphany because he never hit it longer or straighter.

  6. TonyK

    Don’t think there is added lag, but I’ve never liked that unnatural follow-through that Haney has him doing.


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