Educated Hands

Fiddlesticks, poppycock and cow chips.

(As soon as the weather gets a little less windy and over cast, I will do a video and post on all the benefits of a proper release.)

This is another made up term that confuses everyone into spending their money, wasting their time and ruining their golf game with irrelevant and unhelpful movements and thoughts.

It means absolutely nothing. Saying “educated hands” is like saying “educated breathing.” Your body breaths properly all by itself, unless you get all excited or stressed for no reason and it makes your breathing uneasy or erratic.

The hands in the golf swing are much the same. They will do what they are supposed to if you don’t do something to prevent it. Holding lag…like holding your breath.

Just like sometimes you have to breath into a paper bag to stop hyperventilating or take slow deep breaths to slow your breathing down when you are too excited…you must sometimes retrain your hands to do what is natural after you have “educated” them into doing something stupid.

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  1. geoff duncan

    Never heard the term before, but now I’ve got my wife thinking about it, so thanks. What do you think about the Golf Fix guy?

  2. Kevin

    The Golf Fix guy supposedly is much more low key in real life. At one time he was an assistant pro at Augusta. But on the show it is like he drank two Red Bulls before filming. Probably some stupid Golf Channel mandate to be “edgy”.

  3. Thomas

    If my hands are unable to fail their job, as my breath and heardbeat do – why do my arms, shoulders, hips and legs tend to fail and need education?!
    What is teaching at all for, if golf swing technique is not about learning?!
    Rhetoric questions for saying: my hands ware failing as well as all the other parts of my body and needed instruction so that I could develop a swing that works.
    And this is what players whoes hands are failing should understand.
    Who ever denies this fact should not speak loud about golf tuition.
    Sorry, Thomas


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