In the Backswing…

Putting aside those who rotate their hips too flat causing over rotation…

Generally speaking, golfers of all skill levels who are struggling with their backswing tend to need more hip turn, more shoulder turn, more vertical and earlier wrist set and less arm swing.




  1. Jake G


  2. Rob

    Great advice!!

  3. Andrew in Belgium

    So true – Keep those arms in front of the chest and turn, turn, turn.

    BTW Monte, your discussion about if you are an upper body swing teacher; I think you are a right sided teacher – big difference to upper body and a lot different from typical lower body all left side teaching.

    Maybe this is complete BS but I know I play better when I make sure my right side stays in the game. Turn right shoulder and right hip back, hit with right elbow moving fast (That is the tricky bit for me!).

    Keep up great work.


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