Do I teach an upper body swing?

No. My goal is to have a swing where the arms and body work together so the arms can create speed and the rotation of the club matches the rotation of the body as closely as possible.

I want a pivot driven swing. It is just my opinion that lower body leading and lower body dominating (which I actually believe to be correct), has been over taught and over exaggerated.

I believe there are many great teachers out there whose teachings are nearly exclusively lower body.

It seems as if all of my advice and videos are about upper body intents and movements. That’s because I am trying to fill what I perceive as a void in that department.

It has been my experience that “most” golfers will improve their pivots if their upper body, especially the arm, work correctly. Whereas the reverse is true significantly less often.

The object of the instructor is figure out what the individual has to do to hit the ball better with less physical and mental effort.

IMO, the way you teach golf is you improve the movement of the offending body part that creates the miss that plagues the individual. You can control setup, backswing and transition. Get the setup decent, get the swing decent (notice I didn’t say perfect on either) and find a couple two or three similar transition intents to practice and work on that create results. Some will need upper body, some will need lower body, some may have a mix.

There is a wide area in between positional teaching and band aid teaching and that is where all good teachers work.

I got so many emails the last two weeks asking me about this, so there you go.

Unless you think I am some sort of Svengali, the testimonials speak for themselves about results.

In conclusion, I want a pivot driven swing, I just go about it differently, because I believe the golf swing is an action/reaction movement.

Speed the arms up in the proper direction from the proper position and the pivot reacts by speeding up.

When the arms are slow, trail, start late, go in the wrong direction….what does the pivot do?


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    Man speaks the truth! Suck it and see


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