I really don’t like being a jerk to people who ask honest questions…

…but golfers who have been corrupted by modern golf swing thought need tough love. This comment/question was left on one of my youtube videos. It is an honest question from someone trying to get better and I hope he doesn’t think I was mad at him, I was mad for him.

Here is what he asked.

“I noticed in a slomo of Freddy Couples that he lags the club through wonderfully and naturally,yet in watching and stopping the video at impact a bunch of times I noticed he absolutely had his right hand move towards the target,smashing the head into the back of the ball.His right hand was almost in line with his forearm,while his very strong left hand grip was hard to analyze was flat in my opinion.Is there any advantage to using the rear hand to add club head speed in the impact zone?”

This is what modern golf instruction has done to golfers.

…and people wonder why I don’t want to give other people credit and rant so much. This poor golfer just wants to hit the ball a little bit farther and modern golf instruction and high speed video has taught us we must slow down the swing of all time greats, find a position that happens naturally in their swing and try to reproduce one small specific movement that happens in a split second as part of an overall integrated motion.

Is that not the most ridiculous thing you have ever heard?

Do basketball players at gyms all over America slow down videos of Lebron James and see his right wrist angle as he throws down a jam?

Do they find out what the exact right elbow angle is on the NBA’s best jump shooters and try to reproduce that?????

The answer is (expletive deleted) no. That would be stupid. There are general principles that happen in a shooting motion and people try and integrate that into their own motions to get better. Through trial and error of shooting the ball, they find the best way that works for them.

That is what improvement in golf should be.




  1. woody

    But, but…what about Dustin Johnson’s WRIST? Everyone knows that’s why he hits it so far. Ha, gotcha.


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