How much tilt should I have?

Very simple answer…


…and you don’t want to lose address tilt at impact. If anything, you can add a little (think Rory Sabatini, only not so much adding…he does it a lot for someone to copy) when your hips shift the weight to the front side to initiate the downswing.

It is generally going to be dictated by ball position. A far forward ball position…a lot of tilt. A middle of the stance ball position…not very much, but there has to be some.

When you are hitting driver, it is a very shallow angle of attack and more tilt is needed so the shoulders can turn around the spine without being over the top.

When you are hitting an LW, that is a very steep angle of attack and you don’t need as much tilt.

Like most things in golf, it is a trial and error process to figure out what you need…you just need some.




  1. Brett

    Thank you, Monte. You’re a BIG help.

  2. Doug Benner

    Monte – in a future post, could you go into detail about the setup in general? Your emphasis on tilt has been extremely helpful. I find that when I start to struggle it usually relates to something in my setup or takeaway. It may be tilt, but it may be something else. If the setup and takeaway are not right, then everything else is a compensation. Specifically, I find bending forward enough from the hips and keeping my hands in front on the takeaway to be just as important (to me) as getting enough tilt (and this also helps with the goat-humping as well). Could you elaborate more on general concepts you feel are important in the setup and early part of the swing? Just something to consider for a future entry.

  3. Sean

    Reminds me of a quote from Harvey Penick in his Little Red Book. I’m paraphrasing, but it was something like “If I recommend you take an aspirin, don’t think I’m telling you to take the whole bottle.”

  4. Chad Abbs

    Something I struggle with as I learn to tilt properly is tilting my weight all the way to the right side, kind of simulating an uphill lie if you weren’t to balance your weight.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      That is where bumping the left (front) hip toward the target comes in. You DO NOT want to be leaning on your right side.

  5. HoldTheLag

    Some rather than none.

  6. zack

    monte i have started doing this bad my shoulder is moving more vertical instead of around. That is a great video however i have been hitting it fat and if i dont hit it fat then it hooks can you help thanks so much great videos. Ive seen some info onTPI that says you could have some physical issues mobility etc .any thing to that


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