I just heard a great saying about getting better at golf.

“It’s easier to avoid a bad neighborhood if you know where that enighborhood is.”

I am at a PGA seminar and one of the speakers said this and I really liked it.

If you know how to hit the bad shot that is your predominant miss, it makes it easier to avoid it. So go out and hit your bad miss on purpose.

At my lessons and golf schools, people are not most impressed by how far I hit it, nor my knowledge of the swing. They are impressed most by my ability to hit a shank on command.

Guess how many shanks I hit by accident?




  1. Jared

    You mentioned in an earlier blog post, that based on your experience, Tiger was damn near full short game yips. Last week, I saw Notah Begay, one of his few close friends, explaining on Golf Channel that Tiger has been practicing recently with making longer putts from well off the green. This post made my brain fire the synapse between those two thoughts.

  2. Joey

    This makes sense. The WORSE golf experiences I have are the days where I hit the same bad shot over and over and have NO idea how to fix it.

    • Joey

      WORST. Damnit iPhone.

  3. Michael C.

    You can build a whole game around a consistent and repeatable bad shot.

  4. soupagain

    It’s way better to have a clue what mistake just took place.


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