I am through 9 in Phoenix

Birdied #1 and made 8 pars.

Irons-D. Getting in front and pushing them.
Wedges-B solid but unspectacular.
Ability to stay focused during a 3 hour front 9-C

Edit #1-I am pissed beyond belief. I have played this course 20+ times, just not in the last 3 years. I was unable to play a practice round because there were events yesterday. I hit a ball 5 yards left of the 10 the fairway. They put in new a rock pile and bush area for aesthetics. My ball was up against a bush and I had to take an unplayable.

Problem is the unplayable drop rolled up against another bush but not outside the area that would create a redrop, so I had to take another. Hit a nice shot to 15 feet and missed for a double.

Next hole I was 3 paces from the fairway, up against a tree and had to take another unplayable. Hit what I thought was a good shot to a pin behind a bunker. Ball was a foot or two short and rolled back in the bunker.

Hit a nice bunker shot to 6 feet (tough shot) and the putt did a 360 and came back at me.

On 12 I was seriously pissed after burning the edge on a 6 footer and pulled a Stadler on the 18″er.

You can make fun of me for the 18″er.

I am the devil..666

Regathered my sanity and birdied the 220 yard 13th.

Edit #2-on 14-17 I hit really nice approach shots. I hit it over the green to back pin on 14. Over is bad, but what was I protecting? Hit nice approach shots on 15-17. Just missed on 15 and 16 from 15 and 10 feet. Have another 10 footer on 17.

Missed the 10 footer on 17 and a 200 footer for eagle on 18.

76 is not good, but when you make four 6’s in a 5 hole stretch, the other 13 weren’t so bad.

I hit it really well the last 6 holes. After the insanity that gripped me on 10-12 subsided, I made a nice adjustment to why I pushed irons on front side.

I really hit very few poor shots today. I need to putt better. I didnt putt poorly, but I need to putt a lot better.

The biggest thing in need to do is stop trying to not hit bad shots…and just try to hit good ones.




  1. Calvin

    You can’t make fun of anybody for missing 18″ers. Phil does it all the time.
    It’s a given in golf that you will miss some of those no matter who you are.

    Makes me think of a pro I once knew (Jim Tees, really). He was convinced he didn’t make it on tour because his ball always bounced into trouble and the top guy’s always bounced back to the fairway. I think you make your own clouds and sunny days.

    It should feel good to you just to be competing again. What’s up with the irons? What causes you to get in front?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I missed the 18″ cuz I was pisaed and stabbed at it on one foot. I was rojoass.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I really hate shooting this high. Yuck.

      I need one good round to remind me how easy it is.

  2. Calvin

    Thanks. I really enjoyed that post and the edits.

  3. Jimmy Perkins

    Monte, why don’t you go to Dave Pelz for your putting. I was referred to him by a friend of mine (Fairlee). I think he might be able to help.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      LOL. That’s like chopping off you arm to mask that you had your hand chopped off.

      • Calvin

        That guy would change Crenshaw’s stroke. Maybe if you are 6′ 7″ you can track a straight line back and through but I can’t afford stilts. 🙂

    • MonteScheinblum

      If today is any indication, don’t plan to. 76 sounds awful for someone thinking they can play at the pro level…and it is…but is was a couple of mental errors and decent putting away from actually looking like a professional round of golf.

      I would make fun of someone shooting 76 saying he is “this close.”. So I will continue to make fun of myself until in actually post a number.

  4. Ron

    Interesting post. Monte. “This close” is close. Just keep grinding, we are pulling for you!

  5. Mike

    take it from the another angle, you beat Martin Kaymer by one stroke, he currently ranks #4 in the world, so enjoy this exceptional privilege of having played better then world’s #4, play a bid more and you beat Popeye



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