The 5 levels of golf

When you are improving at golf, there are 5 stages of success.

1. On the practice area (range, chipping and putting green)
2. On the course
3. During a tournament
4. During a big tournament
5. During a big tournament on Sunday

Right now I am at stage 2.5

I can’t do it for 18 holes yet. It’s a combination of better focus and confidence which leads to a greater commitment to each individual shot.

I hope you all can learn something from my struggles and hopefully perservearence. I am not trying to make excuses or setting myself up for failure…I am trying to be honest with myself and candid with all of you so we can improve.

It’s a mental game for me now. I have the ability to execute physically in all parts of my game. I need to start playing golf and stop “working on things.”

Tough habit to break. Getting off swing crack might be as hard as getting off real crack.




  1. Wally

    Sorry to say that anybody that has suffered from arthritus knows that Phil Mickelsons’ best days are behind him

  2. woody


    If the best player in the world (by far) got dragged down by it, then you shouldn’t feel badly about your brush with it.

    Everyone wants to get better. Sometimes the result is losing what you had, and even forgetting what you had.

  3. Ron

    Hey Monte these posts are gold. For you to share your thoughts about getting a pro card are interesting. (Monte, notice that I said “getting” because I am pulling for you and believe you can do it.) It’s all about playing well from 100 yds in. If you can get up and down from there, you are in the tour!

  4. Jabrch (Jason)

    Monte – How would you define “swing crack”?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Over doing either the amount of information, or the complexity of it.

  5. Jimmy Perkins

    “SWING CRACK” that is a great f ing word! Lets make some hats and t-shirts asap and sell them.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      rojoass is da man.

      That’s a great idea. I am going to have swing crack on hats and t-shirts available.

      • rojoass

        SOMEBODY NEEDS to start an intervention program.

        Have ya ever seen the show on A&E ? Well somebody needs to begin that kinda work for swingcrack golfers. If the addicted refuse to participate in the intervention they need to be banned from all association with all other ‘family” golfers they know. Just like they do on the show”Intervention”.

        Some place you could go for 30 to 90 days & detox & rehab.

        My own personal intervention didn’t work so I ended up going to a Catholic golf god & got an exorcisim. It took 3 weeks & you shoulda heard the demons screamin as they were coming outta me.

        I felt like Linda Blair. I can still turn my head ALL THE WAY AROUND then snap it back.

        In the end I started swinging “like Annika” & I have never played golf so stress free. I’m longer & straighter than ever. I don’t get stuck anymore & never hit hit fat. My miss isn’t “both ways”. I’m not saying it’s for everyone but it is for me.

        I’ve been a scratch for years but it’s much more fun now.

        WTH do you think I rant so much?

        I’m free……….

        Think about it Monte……a swingcrack intervention program……could have yer own show soon. Nothing teaches like a teacher that’s been there.

        btw………..if you do the “hats & t-shirts……….put a little tag fer rojoass somewhere there……..

      • Monte Scheinblum

        I will definitely give you attention for the term.

        I like it. My golf schools are swing crack interventions.

      • woody

        On another blog, a long-time instructor posted:

        “My efforts as a teacher are 5% to show what’s right and easy and 95% to help someone get over and un-do their misguided mandates and misperceptions.”

  6. cdnmike

    Woods’ comment from Sat interview after round:

    “And that’s one of the things that Sean showed me, some video stuff when I was much younger, back in my teenage years,” Woods said. “He was like, ‘It’s amazing, we need to get back there. That’s where you play some pretty good golf.’ I said, ‘Yeah, you’re right. I did’.”

    That’s good stuff right there. Monte you must like that strategy, right?

    • banner12

      Just goes to show you how idiotic & unnecessary Tigers’ numerous swing changes were over the years. He’d have had 25 Majors by now if he weren’t so stupid.

  7. readygolfer

    Hey Monte – I enjoy your blog and the comments from your readers.

    Does allow you to automatically add your blog posts to your Twitter timeline?

    More golfers need to know about your instruction.

  8. Calvin

    Go Noles. Jonas Blixt moved into third place at Farmers and hs mde the cut in 2 of his 3 starts on tour.

  9. Juana

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