I am so tired of these perfect swing debates.

If I see or hear one more debate over the merits of a CP release over a CF release, one plane over two plane or stable axis versus not, I am going to start beating people to death with their Scotty Cameron special limited edition scratch custom school colored initial embroidered head covers that weren’t even made for them, but they bought on ebay for $250 so they could be an MTD without even knowing what that is.

What’s even worse is these debates are being started by 20 handicaps and people with perfectly manufactured swings that can’t break 80.

This is the kind of thing that drives me nutz.

I heard a guy the other day who looked like he couldn’t break 90 working on a CP release because all golfers with CF releases, including Jack Nicklaus (who he singled out), had flawed golf swings and if he had an ugly multiple plane swing like Fred Couples, he’d have to quit.

What he ended up with was the worst handle pulling karate chop motion I have ever seen that produced at least four shanks that I saw. Yet there was no shortage of techno jargain spewing from his mouth.

Then some 130 pound dork rolls up and starts giving lessons to everyone talking about leverage and accumulators and pontificating about how he gained 20 yards when he started loading #2 better…proceeded to put a perfect swing on it and block slice it about 230.

I deal with this every day at the range and on the net. Plenty of good advice is given out in the real world and on the net, but often I cannot distinguish between the driving range and a simian feces fight at the zoo.

Can’t we just try and link things up a litter better and turn a little better?

Here is what a lot of this stuff sounds like to me.

A lawyer…”The next time a cop pulls you over and you think you might be over the legal limit, throw him off balance when he comes up to the window to ask for license, registration and proof of insurance…ask him to super size your number 3 combo with a coke.”

A doctor…”Having trouble sleeping??? Put on a shower cap, run full speed and launch yourself head first into the side of the tub.”

I know, I know…rant, jerk, know it all, where are my PGA Tour Victories if I’m so good and know so much?

Good thing the “hold the lag” debate is on the downturn or I was on my way to being labeled the real life Howard Beale.

I am just tired for the golfing public…of which I am a member…and all of you expect a rant from me once in a while. Some of the conversations I hear on the range from pro and amateur range guru alike make me want to become a serial wedgist.

Which means I want to go up to every techno spouter and yank his underwear elastic over his head. That would create a vulgar double entendre.

See how many of you get that obscure reference. 😀




  1. Calvin

    The thing about golf is; there are no experts. Not really. There are just people who can do it, people who can’t, and people who like to talk about it.

    • 4theloveofthegame

      But many/most who can do it won’t or can’t teach, meaning communicate it. So people flock to those who can’t do it but sound the most certain or are at least well meaning.

      • Robert Johansson

        communicate it is hard, you need to dig it out in the ground with some good support along the way. you cant understand a concept and do it without enough experience actually done it.

  2. bogeyboy

    Monte, I think you’re ready to host “Saturday Night Live.” One of My best swing cues on the golf course is to think that the back of the golf ball has the face of an old boss painted on it. It takes my mind off mechanics, and usually renders a decent result. That line about a simian feces fight at the Zoo, is gonna keep me happy all day. Keep ’em coming.

  3. ghpennington

    Are you talking about the guy from Network or the Aussie politician (deceased)?

    I also think Calvin’s comment is correct. Some people just can. Their bodies are built in such a way that allows the moves they make to work. Example…How did Nolan Ryan throw 95 mph fastballs until he was 50? How did Sam Snead win tournaments until he was 60? They didn’t take lessons. People can improve with proper coaching, but physical/mental limitations will cap their progress.

  4. woody

    I’m pretty sure that golf is like bowling or any other sport. People have individual motions. Some bowlers roll it smooth, some loft it out on the lane, and some bowl like Jason Belmonte.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5g1Fo9ZnXM0&feature=related (7:51) Belmonte

    With sports, I believe that athletic is better than contrived. And people can be doing basically the same thing, but think about it in different ways.

    • Calvin

      Dang. I’ve got to try that. I am old enough too to remember hall of famer Don Carter.

  5. Andreas

    I read all your blogs but rarely comment. I do however find myself nodding my head at 95% of what you say. My REAL gripe is not with the range ‘know-it-alls’, they will always want to fiddle and play with their own ideas (you can’t help them), my real gripe is with the instructors. They can barley break 80 but still charge you for a ‘lesson’.
    They go through a standard check list (ooooo your grip is a bit strong), take a video and then compare me on video to Tiger woods.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      I love the compare to Tiger Woods guys…LOL.

      Hey, buddy, do you swing like Tiger?

  6. MSGolfer

    Here’s my favorite, “Luke Donald has a flippy swing and that causes inconsistency, so trying to swing like Luke or [another top 50 golfer in the world] is a horrible idea because ultimately it’s a bad way to play golf.”

  7. North

    Rant on Monte. The TGM pontificating is the one that sets my teeth on edge.

  8. bobs34

    CF Vs CP… What is that? Centrifigal vs Centripital? If so, that means about as much to me as palmer flexion, ulnar deviation, internal & external rotation, blah, blah, blah…. I’ve relaized that I can hit good golf shots any number of different ways either using the body to power the swing or the arms. I cant hit a good golf shot using both. I dont know why I cant do that. Obviously my arms work when I feel like I’m using my body because I know there’s no way I could hit a 275+ yard drive with no arms and vice versa. I just can’t feel both at the same time so I have no way to ‘link’ them together so I focus on one or the other. Right now, swinging relaxed arms allowing the body to naturally respond seems to give me just as good of golf shots as swinging my body and allowing the arms to naturally respond but I dont get sore. How does a golf instructor work with ‘special needs’ doofus’s like me?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      To answer your overall question…create a little more room so your arms can speed up.

  9. Joe

    I agree Monte. I have long suffered from paralysis by analysis. Learned all I could about every method. I had become a terrible handle puller trying to create lag.
    I was flipping trying to save it or or blocking it when I didn’t flip it, relying all on timing.

    I had been off my lat few rounds, so yesterday I just went with your video on the swing plane where you just stand up and swing as if the ball was at shoulder level, back and through. Then just bend over to a Reverse K setup and reproduce the swing.

    Not thinking about leading with the hands, or bump, and dump. Just swing with the right arm folding and turn back through, much better contact and more consistency!

    big thanks!

  10. Swaff

    The best tip I ever heard aside from the plane and release by feel video was from Bubba Watson.

    “I just go out there and play golf”

    I’ve quit going to the range, and I’m actually playing better. If I want some practice, I’ll chip a few balls across my front yard with a 60 degree. I traded my GI irons for a set of properly fitted Henry Griffitts blades, and I’m striking it better than I ever have before, because “I’m just playing golf”

    Hit this ball over there.

  11. Robert Johansson

    Just did a range session, a guy came up and asked me for advice.
    His wife is from same city as me.
    so I said, well first you load the nr3 acc then continue with a fast flip down the angle of hurt here in the left fibia of nr 2 acc.

    No, I adjusted his tempo, his grip pressure and check he had his head between the legs once he swung, and slowly he was able to make good contact. He now have a path to follow.

    I love a good advice, especially when its from someone who have no clue what is going on. But they did read the magazine, watch the video.
    I smile when reading golf forums, its funny stories, how do I make a fade, lost my swing, cant hit a driver, and I smile due to how on earth are a forum going to make them better, oh what drill should I do to fix my swing?

    Hey Monte, I hit my irons really good, can hit both draw and fade what am I doing wrong?
    I also hit my hybrid so good and spoon, and I learn to aim with driver now also, so if I hit so good shots now, how do i fix that since no one hits good shots I am obviously doing something wrong 🙂

  12. 4theloveofthegame

    No we can’t. Because as adults we can only learn something if we understood it b4.
    Children can learn from solely watching Ernie Els videos, we can’t anymore.
    There should not be a pseudoscientific debate about details or positions or taking a major champion’s personal ghostwritten experiences as gospel though, like done currently in golf instruction or generally in economics and investing, instead, pupils simply need to be made aware of the fact that nowadays there exist some different worldviews about the swing, then of the basic assumptions/requirements/pros/cons of those various viable approaches, then that resultingly there is much opposing advice out there, which is always presented as a fact but can well be either a myth or not mix and match well with a viable other one and that it is therefore crucial to decide upon, trust in or stick with one concept or teacher and ignore the rest from then on.
    Such a simple unbiased synopsis would already be huge value added for most amateurs- put it together Monte!
    In addition to the can/can’t play/teaching capability divergence, the issue is further complicated by the behaviour of most club pros, who are either clueless or who are selling their own adopted concept as sole gospel, trying to change everyone onto it once they arrive, or who are stil trying to find or reinvent themselves in that regard.
    Couple that with their frequent job changes and you start to lurk around for swing crack on the web and/or take advice from anyone with a lower handicap than you.
    Order and simplification are indeed the first steps to the mastery of a subject, which for adults includes motions, but what’s lacking here at the moment is-unbiased- order.

  13. Qtlaw88

    Best $200 I ever spent in golf was for the 2 lessons where the pro told me I was not turnin my left wrist, just got me to point the back if wrist away and boom! No more shanks, hello 77s! Simple advice.

  14. Jason

    I love the rants, I get a laugh out of them. There is a 65 year old guy I see at the range and he tells me that he hits the 7 iron 150 Meters (165 yards) and he had a fitting. He was disapointed because he was recommended reg shafts. I had to hold back laughter because his estemation of distace was a little different to reality. I can hit mine 150 and his was lucky to be 130 so I had a good comparison. People should have an ego/reality chack and use reg shafted higher lofted drivers and they would lit longer and accurate shots.

  15. meateater

    Spot on , Monte, although I do see the other side. I enjoy a couple of forums. Guys like me are stuck inside most of the day, we can’t just roll up to the club and play 18. So we do the next best thing, chew the fat about it. There’s nothing wrong with studying the legends either. Some of them had incredible athletic moves, all developed without the aid of highspeed video or swing gurus with foreign accents.

    I have had a few lessons and easedropped on hundreds more at the range. Most in my opinion were a waste of time and money. I do sympathize with the conscientious pros however. If it takes Tiger a year or two to make some minor tweaks to his swing, what chance does the average guy taking a lesson every two weeks have?

    I have to single out one class of predators though whom I absolutely despise. Those are the pros, usually at high end clubs, who use every lesson as an opportunity to push new clubs on their prey. I have heard these weasels trying to sell grandmothers in Florida who couldn’t hit the ball 75 yards “long iron replacement ” hybrids. And of course, pushing $500 drivers on old guys with 60 MPH clubhead speed. “They’ll give you an extra 15 yards.” To me, they are scum.


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