A golf instructor is like a man…

and the golfer is like a woman in the procreative sense.

He provides valuable information (genetic in the analogy) and emotional support, but does none of the work and it’s his job not to say anything stupid…while having a good time 😀 …and gladly takes all of the blame when things aren’t going well. I honestly have no problem with that last part. Golfers need confidence and if they can blame bad times on the instructor (while trusting him at the same time), things are always moving forward.

When an instructor says too much or says the wrong thing, he must back peddle and rectify the situation properly and quickly. Like the father dealing with an expectant mother.

Let’s take Frank for instance. This is a two time PGA Tour winner and top 100 all time money winner. If I had told him everything that was wrong with his swing and tried to pigeon hole him into some universal way of swinging the club, do you think he would have qualified and finished 13th in Texas only a week later?

“Honey, you’re fat, sweaty, moody, weren’t too bright to begin with and the only thing worse than your breath are those nasty anchovy farts you keep busting out.”

I listened to him, he told me where he wanted to be and I helped him get there.

He wanted to turn hard left with no fear of the ball going left of where he was looking.

In the procreative sense I said, “Get in this position, breath when it hurts and push…oh yea and take the epidural, why suffer.”

I do not treat any of my students differently. I listen to them and either tell them how to get where they want to go…or we discuss where they want to go.

This is how you should all approach your own games. Decide how you want to play, what changes you may or may not need to make to get there, then make an effort to do that. A well executed effort to do it correctly is all you need to do for immediate though small, but incremental improvement. Trying to do it 100% correctly today ends in an appearance on The Haney Project.

One more job the instructor has. Like the expectant father, raise his arms in triumph when the victory happens like he was responsible for the whole thing.




  1. bogieboy

    Dear MR. Scheinblum,

    I think that you have just added an extremely important element in our quest to elevate our golf games. A genuine sense of humor. I find that I play my best golf when I can stand back and laugh at myself.
    I should probably change my screen name to “Doublebogie boy”

    • Calvin

      Completely agree. Maybe the best golf attribute is a sense of humor. I’m trying to teach this to my brother who follows every bad shot with dark muttering negative self degradation. Players who can hit a bad shot and immediately visualize the. wonderful recovery opportunity that can follow will score better and go home happier. I would rethink the “doublebogie” moniker tho.

  2. HoldTheLag

    Wow, this was an excellent article.

    Let us know what Frank thought of being compared to an expectant mother! 😀

  3. Jason

    I always try to see they funny side of a bad shot. If I hit one OB, I’m quick to point out that was my practice shot LOL.

    • Mike Divot

      Me too! After every bad shot, I pull faces and mutter curses. The shot doesn’t even need to be all that bad. Sometimes in big tournaments I’ll kick my club too. Then after the round, in a limo or helicopter, I think of how things used to be and laugh hysterically for hours.

  4. Eric Brown

    Hey monte is my right shoulder looking better?? Still need a lot of work.. going to change backswing to more upright to see if that helps..

  5. pcb_duffer

    Quoth my little sister to her husband, “Your part took nine minutes, mine takes nine months.”


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