I am going to Vegas for the weekend.

As suggested by a reader, I am going to spend the next several weeks categorizing all of my instructional posts for easier reading for both new and old readers. The I will put the links to each cetegory on the right side of the page. Here are a few categories I am thinking of off the top of my head. Any others? I would appreciate input.

1. Fundamentals
2. Drills
3. Explaining misconceptions
4. Cliches

I am taking the weekend off from babies and golf. When I get back, I am going to work my tail off trying to get “Tour Worthy”…at least Nationwide Tour worthy. The Long Beach Open is the last weekend in July. After that, I hit the Nationwide Monday’s. I will be posting all of my thoughts every step of the way.




  1. JW

    This sounds great, Monte! Consider adding “Special Shots” and “Swing Analysis” to the list because you have some great posts that could go there, but the list you gave are probably the most important (and you probably want to keep the list short).

    When you get into “work my tail off” mode, please give us a post about what that means. That is, what you do to prepare and how you get to a point where you believe you are ready. Good luck!

  2. Brett Picotte

    Cool. I’ll see you in Springfield, MO in August. I wish I knew the course and knew how to caddy.

  3. seveonsunday

    Have a great weekend, and good luck in preparing! I think the shots around the green videos are fantastic! Very unique, I don’t think anyone out there explains them as well.

  4. Mike Z

    Enjoy your weekend off.

    How does a golfer get eligible to show up for Nationwide Monday qualifiers?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      By having a golf bag, golf clubs, golf balls and $350

  5. s.

    Possible categories:

    Humor (Ledbetter, etc.)
    Bad Advice
    Personalities (Phil, etc.)

  6. Steve Bishop

    If you feel like driving another 5 hours you can come out and meet the man behind the mystery. 😀

  7. Todd Larsen

    Hey Monte! I could tell a story or two about us going to Vegas in the Lotus! Thankfully we both survived your driving – LOL! I’m enjoying your blog, my best to you and your family.

  8. Calvin D

    Maybe you’ll see Phil and big John at the tables.


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