I am tired of what I am seeing and hearing on the range and course.

I don’t have to do another rant about the ills of modern golf teaching and how they affect score, pace of play and enjoyment of golf.

I want to do something about it. I am going to send proposals to some of the major golf publications and The Golf Channel about a possible column/segment/show that appeals to the “regular guy.”

Whether it’s cargo short videos, simple drills, a more digestible description of fundamentals, etc.

I am looking for ideas to include in my proposal. Most of you like what I have to say and have had great ideas in the past.

So let’s hear it.

The next time I play golf I am bringing the video camera with me and am going to have my father-in-law film me hitting different shots different ways to prove there is more than one way to skin a cat. You just have to find the best way for you.

Also looking for ideas on shots you would like to see played different ways. The first one that comes to mind is a shot from just off the green in the fringe with lots of green to work with.

There is no one right way to hit this shot and I will prove it. Give me some more and I will do them.




  1. Brett Picotte

    That’s great. That fringe shot is exactly the shot that’s driving me nuts. I can’t wait to get your ideas.

    When is your first Monday qualifier (Nationwide)?


  2. Jim

    Could you do a post about using the blade of a sand wedge to chip from just off the green? I learned this shot a couple of years ago and it has pretty much eliminated the chili-dip disaster for me when I am in medium rough a couple of feet off the green. If about half the ball is above the surface of the grass, I just hit the middle of the ball with the blade of the wedge, using a putting stroke.

  3. bob perry

    I’d like to see how you play shots into the wind – low wind cheaters from about 100 yds. Can’t seem to get this one down.

  4. Ted

    I’m amazed at the different grips, wrist positions, and postures on tour, yet each of these guys have mastered their swing. How about showing why a Zach Johnson has to hold off each finish with his strong grip or a Kevin Sutherland or Matt Kuchar flat, flat swing and what they have to do to square up the clubhead. Then compare that to a Monty’s vertical reverse C finish.

  5. Peter B

    Tell them yours is longer than Leadbetters! That should do it.

  6. Calvin D

    Here’s an interesting one to investigate. Bill Mehlhorn (Hogan said he was easily the most accurate ball striker he had seen) controlled the club with forefinger and thumb pressure of both hands and allowed the club to move as it would under the rest of his grip. He was really good. Look it up. Bill also said that the modern swing with its emphasis on twisting the upper torso would lead to a lot of back problems. Bill believed that the hip turn would carry the upper body back as far as it needed to go.

  7. shoot54today

    Calvin, you are D man. I just logged in to post about Melhorn. I bought the book and videos a few years ago. Good Stuff. The golfswing should be as natural as walking or turning to address someone. Let the arms bend naturally just like chopping wood, or throwing a ball. The video of the clinic he did in the 70’s at FIU is incredible. He never mentions a peep about positions, blah, blah. Just natural movements that we do daily without thought. I took a self-imposed break for about 9 months and recently go the itch again. Pulled out old Wild Bill and the Grass Whip. Last night, wiht no practice, nor warmup, I shot 2-over for 9 holes hitting 8-iron to 2ft., 9-iron to 4″ and hit my 16* hybrid from 250 out dead at the flag leaving a 25ft. Eagle putt. Going to start using the Grass Whip daily again. Here is the site:

  8. S.

    “send proposals to some of the major golf publications and The Golf Channel about a possible column/segment/show that appeals to the “regular guy.”

    Golf Channel would be a very tough nut to crack. You’d either have to have access to celebrities, have a sponsor lined-up (the Hammer?), or be able to work beautiful girls into the mix. Mike Breed may be as far as they want to go with instructional stuff, and people might get agitated if Breed said one thing, and Monte said another.

    Instant credibility in print or on the tube: become a coach to a notable player. Woods may be looking for one.

    There will always be someone to throw cold water on your dream, so let’s toss some on the column idea. Not to say that it couldn’t work, but it makes me wonder whether golf is purposely made harder than it has to be, so people will keep buying equipment. They have pages to fill, apparently many written by people who can’t golf their way out of a paper bag, so the contradiction factor would emerge. What if golf was really fairly easy, like driving a car, and people could reach a satisfactory level fairly quickly. What would that do to magazine sales? Do they have an interest in keeping it complicated?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      While I agree with all of your points. It’s only the cost of three stamps.

  9. Bob34

    I’d suggest all the things you’ve talked about to put the fun back in the game from a simple golf swing that works for you to not trying to grind it out going through 15 step check lists, causing 5 + hour rounds, etc… We’re bombbarded by the gurus telling us that’ll make our games better and we’ll have more fun when just the opposite is true. Even from the replies you already have, people have different ideas about swing theories and those change all the time because we don’t ever stick with anything. It’s taken me a long time to realize that the worse thing I can do is to completely revamp my swing just because I had a bad day.

    • Bob34

      or because I try to incorporate some tip that supposedly corrects why I was having a bad day…

  10. meateater

    Hey Monte, Maybe you should do a post on how not to blow up. There have been three major blowups the last few weeks. That guy in Memphis who butchered the last hole, Dustin Johnson at Pebble and Justin Rose yesterday. I don’t recall seeing so many train wrecks in an entire season. What’s going on?

    • Calvin D

      At least none of those guys went Zambrano on us. There was a blow up.

  11. Calvin D

    This is a good one and popular now among the gurus: “Halfway down (6/100’s or whatever) the shaft
    should be in line with your trail forearm and cover it.” What the heck. How will I know that anyway when my head is up above and off line even with a mirror. Besides if you could walk a little to the left or right of those photos they show the shaft wouldn’t cover their forearm anyway. This to me is useless gobbledy -gook.

  12. carrera

    I’d like to see a (long) video of how you cure a flipper or OTT’er. And not a flipper or OTT’er who is a Ray Romano hack… a decent player who needs to make a simple but challenging fix. Document the “before” video and the drills to fix it and then sell it on the internet for $9.99 like Brian Manzella does with his “Confessions of a Former Flipper”.

    Just me, but I hate seeing any pro illustrate flaws by exaggerating them like some hack would do. Most “golf nuts” with swing problems have them to a lesser degree…but that doesn’t make them any easier to fix.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      “Just me, but I hate seeing any pro illustrate flaws by exaggerating them like some hack would do.”

      Guilty…I have tried to tone this down, but find myself still doing it.


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