Hip turn drill and Frank trying for British Open

Frank got into the PGA Tour British Open Qualifying today. It’s basically the same qualification status as getting into a PGA Tour event. He was 31st alternate 10 days ago, was 4th alternate yesterday and decided to fly back to Dallas last night and found out he was in at the airport. It’s 78 guys for 8 spots. As I type this, he is 2-under par through 11 and it’s 36 holes all today. Click on the link to track his progress…and still watch the video below.

I am guessing 8-under is the number. 3-under thru 15 is a solid position.

It looks like he shot a 4-under 66 with a bogey on his last hole…and it might take as much as 10-under.


Scores higher in afternoon. Probably some wind. He is at -1 for round 2 and -5 for day thru 11. IMO, he needs a minimum of two birdies to have a chance.





  1. Dave Dunlop

    great video monte, watched this when u posted it on your youtube yesterday and tried it at the golf course yesterday afternoon and i had seriously been lacking weight movement through the ball and holding back on my right side. this rle gave me a feeling of moving through the ball and onto my left leg. great stuff. would u say a training aid like this would help teach this motion? http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/529429-tennis-racket-training-aid/page__p__3705285__hl__right+foot+training__fromsearch__1#entry3705285

  2. Calvin

    You can incorporate this into the rhythm and release drill.
    Great post.

  3. banner12

    Good tip/drill. My question is, how does one stay behind the ball with the upper body through impact with the hips moving forward so much?

  4. Exilgolfer

    That is a pretty strong field trying to qualify for The Open… Frank has to get it going now on the last back nine.

  5. Calvin

    Harris English is on fire. He should be a great one. Small hat size.

  6. Jason

    Nice video Monte, makes sense. I would like your comments on these videos. They make sense to me as well although different.

    If you don’t like them that’s fine, I’d like your thoughts.


    • jaybee

      Just watched the first 3 minutes of the last one, really interesting- tell that Paul Casey though… Another proof that there seem to be a million ways to hit the golf ball and that the subjunctive should be used more often in golf instruction.


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