Frank’s latest swing




  1. Wally

    Tell Frank to loose the cigarette

  2. bogeyboy

    I saw that thread yesterday. I thought that was a very clever “pop’ quiz. The major impression I got from his swing was how smooth and fluid it was. Anything else I’m not qualified to judge.


  3. Calvin

    Looks pretty darn good to me.

  4. Mike Richardson

    Good game Monte!

    I like the look of his low finish, is there a reason for that or is it just a preference.

    did he get the cargo shorts idea from you 🙂

  5. theMIKE

    Monte, please bury that right ellbow stuff, its a bad thing (EE)

    • Monte Scheinblum

      LOL. It’s actually the opposite. You get EE when the right elbow is behind the hip.

      • Calvin

        Electrical Engineering?

  6. meateater

    It’s interesting that if you put almost any of the really big hitters on Tour up on a golf site like WRX anonymously, they would be probably be derided as having hopeless form. Bubba? You kidding me, a 15 at best. Dustin Johnson ? You’ll never make it with that bowed wrist, kid, and you’re way too bent over. Gaurigus? Needs total remake. Holmes? Ditto. And while not a big hitter, can you imagine the reaction to Kuchar? Dude, you’re standing up before you even start your backswing, and no one can play with that flat a backswing. You’ll be all over the place.

    • Robert Johansson

      The swing dont make the player.
      Hogans swing has been around for decades none as far is able to do what he did.
      Golf gurus and forums aside its a clueless crowd in golf IMO.

      I had to dig things up from the ground and find what I do to create impact that works consistently for me, which oh btw what that Hogan guy did also, so I can do that and the next thing is to get my index down, to bad I aint 20 years old (cant fix that), and go play my game of golf. The “secret” aside, that is what Hogan did combined with a determination few ever know.

      What Monte did to Frank is to give him the game to play by feel and do his thing again, once that is happening he can either improve things to some extent but basically give him the structure to just go and play good golf and shoot low. That isn’t coded in the swing btw 😉

      • Monte Scheinblum

        Very nice Robert. Your comments have become a valuable addition around here.

      • Robert Johansson

        Spent some time on the range today still waiting for the courses to open up.
        soon next week.
        I started to talk to a couple, a bit older than me, they tried to get better, so I simply told the lady to check her tempo and grip pressure, she was killing the handle. I talked some more with them, told the guy to do the same, soon he was hitting the nicest classical pivot you can find and I made sure he as hitting down with his irons also, soon he had great ball impact, and now the widest smile you ever seen came on as he started to make solid contact with so little effort. He at 27 index will likely came to have a swing that is a 5. Oh I skipped the details, and told them what would happen once they started to keep doing it. Nice golfers, nice people just bad instructions (curable) I changed the life of golf for them now time for them to do their part.

        Thx Monte, most thinks I am nuts.

        My sisters kid now hit irons straight, in fact so good he started to test to make shots with the driver, he never use one since he been so wild so things getting much better for him, confidence gets you anywhere.


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