Happy New Year. The scariest shot in golf.

Someone asked on GolfWrx what the scariest shot is and I responded….


Without a doubt the scariest shot in golf is when your swing is out of whack and you are coming in steep and hitting everything in the heel. You block a driver in the crowd on the right.

The marshal has cleared a path for you and there are people for about 30-40 yards and 10 feet to the right.

…and the ball is below your feet.

Happened to me on consecutive holes and I had these thoughts….

“Haven’t shanked a ball in a while and I have had 4-5 near hotzel experiences today. Wonder if my liability insurance is paid? What’s way left.? What if I avoid the shank so bad, that I toe shank it into the crowd? OMG, there are a lot of little kids in the crowd. If I killed someone, would I make Sportscenter and have Dean Beemon put a hit on me? Wait, if I hit a great shot, that hot blond might come back to my hotel with me. How many under am I today? Sh!t, there’s OB left.

Punch 3-wood it is.




  1. Tom McNamara

    That’s awesome! For me, it’s 180 dead straight, center pin on a flat lie in the middle of the fairway. I invent sh!t to go wrong at that point!

  2. Calvin

    That’s mine too Monte. I’d be in the crowd on the right. Please just punch it out.
    Great post.

  3. woody

    Scarier shot. You’re John Daly (in Portland?) giving an exhibition, and the bleachers are 30 yards away, (or more like 30 feet?) and you turn and face the crowd, and fire a full driver right over the bleachers.

  4. eric

    Monte just did your drill where you take a golf swing and then stand up and see where your swing plane would be if a ball was teed up really high in front of you..
    When i stood up my chest was almost facing the ball lol.. My arms are 80% of my backswing haha, Once i did a few the correct way my upper back started to hurt lol is this common for amateurs to be this arm dominant in the backswing?

      • jaybee

        What drill is this? Plane and release by feel is the closest one I could find?


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