Getting longer off the tee

If you work on making your swing more efficient and work on hitting the ball solid, you will get longer off the tee.

If you focus solely on getting longer off the tee, you will likely get worse at golf…and probably get shorter and more crooked off the tee.

If you work on hitting wedges really solid and consistent, you will increase your AVERAGE driving distance.

If you work on doing things that make you hit driver as far as possible, your wedge game will suffer.

Seeing a trend?

BTW, I have more experience and experience on today’s subject than almost anyone in golf.

I used to spend early September trying to hit is as far as could, getting ready for the big long drive contest…now the Remax World’s. I would then spend the next 3 weeks trying to find the wedge game I destroyed before the first stage of Q-school.

I would always drive the ball more consistently after hitting a few hours of wedges then I would after a few days of trying to kill it. Hitting lots of wedges is how you develop good balance, rhythm and timing.




  1. Wally

    Monte, You have just explained why I spend a lot of time on the range with 1965 Wilson persimmon 4-wood, and my vintage blade 5-iron they are very hard to hit unless your timing is good. They keep me honest. I keep the 4-wood in the bag it’s a great club.

  2. Torpet

    Exactly what I wanted to hear. Outside my house I’ve got room for….my wedge!

  3. Mike

    Are you worried at all that working mostly with wedges will cause your swing to become too upright?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Excellent question.

      No. If you are making an efficient swing, the plane of the swing will be dictated by length of the club and ball position…but should feel the same.

      In other words, you don’t purposely make a more upright swing with wedge and a more flat swing with driver. Those things happen automatically by how far your are standing from the ball and how much you are bent over…and the swings should feel generally the same.

  4. Calvin D

    There is a big difference between striking the ball well and playing golf. The wedge is the difference maker. Regardless of how well you strike it you will not hit every green and very fairway and you will find the sand. Good post.

  5. Eric32

    This is a little off subject Monte but i had a ahh haa moment today at the range!
    The weight shift on the downswing happens from behind you. I had a feeling of my left thigh and butt going backwards as if i was crushing a beer can on the downswing. Is that a how it should feel naturally ?

    • Monte Scheinblum

      There is no right or wrong here. If that feel creates good movements and shots…then it is correct.

  6. hackgolfer

    By wedges, you mean shots 100 yards and in?


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