The Super Glue Affect

This is what I am now going to call the swing that people develop when they try way too hard to stay connected…and the result of all of those swing trainers and paraphernalia in the arm pits as a drill.

I am not suggesting let the right elbow fly and let your arms get away from you after impact, but this affect looks like someone super glued your triceps on each arm to your rib cage. Not only do you lose power doing this, it also creates a laundry list of things people hate…and that list is too vast to type out…pretty much all of them.

There is a wide range of playable movements between being disconnected and having the super glue affect…and you will find greater success if you find that area.




  1. rojoass

    Sometimes “when I set-up & swing like this the ball goes”…. can be used on shots when your in trouble.I don’t think I’ve seen a situation where the phone booth or super glue swing would come in handy…….

  2. Wally

    keeping your right arm to your side “unnaturally” will louse up your swing PERIOD. GO GET THEM MONTE

    • mike

      to get the right elbow to the right side is something very simple and easy do do, just keep it loose and turn the trunk, voila: it gets right there and in a very powerful position, for some…for you probably not:) and you deserve to have the elbow wherever you like, as long as you hit it straight on a regular basis, LoL

  3. mike


    About beeing connected, if you would have ever experienced a reverse spine angle just because of you beeing extremly flexible, you really would wish for some super glue and playing with a belt around your body, it is a nasty thing having your arms kicking your torso left. (:::”keeping arms in front of body cliche”, especially if you blend it with taking arms back with torso, min. arm, max shoulder and plane and release, turn perpendicular to spine, and all the other cliches…)

    Everyone is different, everything has a purpose for a specific golfer and a specific problem… but that you know of course..

  4. Calvin D

    My all-time favorite golf instruction:
    “Keep your arms attached to your body.” 🙂

    I’m gonna do my best.


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