“Getting in front of the ball.”

I have always had a problem with this. When you don’t play and get under a little pressure, old habits have a way of finding themselves back into your grill.

Obviously hanging back is bad and no one wants this, but when your head/front shoulder move toward the target to start the downswing, in inhibits the shoulder turn and gets things out of sync.

I especially get caught in this when trying to keep the ball flight down.

I am going to do a video on this next week sometime. If any of you have trouble with this, don’t feel shame. Many golfers who used to have a reverse pivot/weight shift often develop this problem.




  1. Michael

    In the past, if I try and hit it low I’d put it back in my stance and try and saw it off. All that would do is either to a hook, or chunk it/block it depending how far I was stuck.

    Easier to just control it with in the finish. At least I’ll make a solid strike.

  2. Dion

    I have this problem as well and it results in blocks and hooks. I find one-leg drills help sort me out.

  3. carrera

    Jerry Rice does this…they did a video analysis of his swing at that Nationwide event a few weeks ago.

  4. love_na

    i have a problem with this and have been instructed to feel more of a rotation gradually to the left side instead of rushing to get to the left side. A huge miss for me is a pop-up on the driver and a top for irons.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Yep, that is definitely possible results. For me it’s weak high fades to the right.

  5. kbp

    Big problem for me too, especially when I’m getting locked up or when I’m really trying to get the hands in front on an iron shot. Not the way to go. It locks you up even more.

    Kelvin Miyahira’s concept of the “chi line” is a simple image that helps me when I need an image break this cycle. (I found my way to your blog from his site.)

  6. Colby

    Really looking forward to this post as I have this problem On every shot and it’s killing me.

    Setting up looking at the back of the ball then sliding forward of the ball. Hooks if I release properly. Slice/blocks if I don’t release the club.


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