A decent drill

There is a drill that DOES NOT work for everyone. As you know I am not a cookie cutter, everything works for everyone guy.

This drill can help you visually to work the ball in both directions. If it feels funny, or doesn’t make sense to your feel, DON’T try it any more.

When on the range, setup the stripe on the range ball slightly inside and visually use that as your aiming point to release the club and hit a draw.

Conversely, setup the stripe slightly outside the target line and release the club visually down that line to hit a fade. Most people think you are supposed to hold the face open to hit a fade and end up hitting a pull or a slice. Even when hitting a fade, you must release the club.

Anyway, this drill will work great for some and bad for some others. You will know immediately which one you are and don’t try and fight it to make it work.




  1. banner12

    I have even a simpler system: Either open the club face slightly to hit a fade or close it slightly to hit a draw and use the exact same swing. The bigger the fade you want the more open the club face, the mare draw you want the more closed the club face.

    • Steve Bishop

      Only problem with that is the clubace determines initial direction. If you shuft the face you’ll pull it. If you open the face you’ll push it.

      The PATH determines spin. Inside out relative to clubface causes a draw, outside to in relative to the clubface causes a fade.

      • banner12

        Yes, but you adjust your aim prior to your shot to account for the fade/draw.


  2. William

    I occasionally use this drill to fix my over the top pull hook. (I visualize trying to hit the ball on the inside) I think I need to do it more often. I also think it helps me keep my head behind the ball as well. Good drill that I think I will be doing a lot of for the next month.


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