As dumb as this sounds, my swing feels as free as it ever has. The back nine Tuesday was so easy and it was the first time in recent memory I didn’t feel stuck and like every shot was going 90 yards right. My chipping was as comfortable as it has been and even though I had zero sense of speed, I hit every put solid and online.

I need to keep it simple and enjoy the game again. I say all of these things so some of you will realize that golf should be fun and what you shoot is not always indicative of the direction your game is headed. I shot 80 and haven’t been this positive about my game in 10 years. I can’t tell you how many rounds I have shot in the 60’s during that span that made me want to quit because it was so hard physically and mentally.

You can learn a lot from this paradoxical attitude by me. Too many golfers will make a positive change, shoot one bad score, blame the bad round on the change and fall back into their old bad habits.

If you want to do something for my birthday, buy my book that will be available soon and tell everyone you know to do the same. 😀 That way when I start traveling to Nationwide qualifiers and getting in, I can afford to stay at a Holiday Inn Express and become even more of an expert on the golf swing. I promise you will all enjoy it, as even non golfers have.

I know I have been saying it will be ready for a while. I finished writing it several weeks ago, but the generous individual who volunteered to edit it for me has been swamped, but said it will be done shortly. I also have one in the works about my golf swing and playing golf theories. I know most of it is on the blog, but it will be a more linear and coherent version.

Back on topic. Enjoy your weekend golf and don’t tie your improvement to individual rounds of golf. Sometimes you can find greater long term improvement in a bad score.




  1. Brett Picotte

    Happy Birthday! I wish I was 43 again.

    Hey, I’ve got a question. When you were swinging for speed (back in your long drive days), did you feel like most of your speed was coming from your right hand or did it come from both hands equally? Just curious.

    Thanks, and eat an entire cake. 🙂

  2. mship99

    Have a happy Monte!

  3. gwlee7

    I know what you mean about score and improvement. I too am swinging a lot more free since I don’t have as much junk in my head. This morning, I shot a whopping 44 on the front and was seething until I realized that it was actually my putting and chipping and not the “long game” that had let me down. I have been a good chipper and putter for a long time but when that’s off a little, I shoot some pretty wicked numbers at time. I then shot 37 on the back and played the last 4 holes 2 under.

    Golf can be a maddening game at times. 🙂

  4. seveonsunday

    Happy Birthday Monte!

    Can’t wait to pick up some copies of your book! I’m gonna get a copy for my cousin who’s just starting to play golf.

  5. Peter B
  6. Calvin D

    Happy birthday Monte. Get busy.

  7. Chris

    Happy birthday Monte!

  8. carrera

    Happy birthday…looking forward to the e-book.

  9. Bob34

    Happy Belated Birthday!


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