Bending over at the waist.

Steve Bishop, a blog reader and fellow instructor reminded me about this with my own swing.

Link to his website

Bending over enough at the waist is an extremely underrated setup fundamental. Unlike many golf swing fundamentals, you almost can’t do it too much. It sets your hands lower at address making it less likely you will whip it too far inside with your arms, it allows your arms and hands to hang down relaxed out of your shoulders, it makes it easier to turn your shoulders 90* to your spine and many, many other benefits.

I always instill this in my students and sometimes I forget it myself. Thanks Steve for reminding me of the importance of this.




  1. mship99

    Rickie Fowler is a prime example of this. Monte how would you determine what is proper amount for an individual?

  2. Torbjörn Peters

    David Sutherland almost seems to overdo it – or?

  3. Steve Bishop

    Thanks for the mention Monte. Posture is such an important part of the setup.

    To make it easy I tell my students “bow to the ball, now stick your butt out and your chest out”. Instant posture.

    There is a possibility of going too far, but frankly no one does. The reason is because of balance. If you tip over too much you instinctively know it. You start to become unstable over your feet and your mind recognizes there is no way to make an athletic move from there.

    However, a good measuring tool is to let your arms just hang down limp. Start to bow to the ball and once your hands get just out in front of your toes, you’re at your max.


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