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I was at a PGA seminar last week and something dawned on me. I need to do a better job of making people better at golf. I make their swings easier to manage, help them understand their misses, help them have more fun, but I need to focus more on making them better “Golfers.”

This is going to sound like a marketing ploy and it’s not. I will make less money off this deal than I would normally. People are more likely to invest the time if the money is invested.

My honest intent is to get people to commit to practice and learn to play better long term.

Here is the package. 6 months or a year. Both will be offered.

Each month the package includes:

1. Full one hour lesson.
2. 3 supervised 30 minute practice sessions.
3. One 9 hole playing lesson.





  1. John Brown

    Sounds like a fantastic opportunity for those that live near California. For those of us on the east coast, sucks for us. However, for those that can do it due to proximity, grab the offer. It will be worth whatever the price.

  2. Chris

    GREAT idea. I benefitted most from my time out in California from a combination of range time and course time. It
    was obviously essential to address my swing issues, but I learned how to play the game by being out on the course with you. Picking targets, alignment, strategy, course management, etc. To use the oft-used cliche, it was about “golf” not just “golf swing.” That’s my biggest challenge right now, not getting wrapped up in mechanics and focusing on scoring.

  3. Matt Peterson

    This is something I would absolutely pay for.

  4. Yrrdead

    Honestly that is pretty amazing. There is a local pro here in modesto that does a similar deal. Not sure what is included though but it has the same break down 6mo/12mo deals. Maybe I’ll be moving down south. 🙂

  5. Games

    Hey Monte. I think the “premium” package you offer sounds great.

    What about a lower-cost option: A “basic” package with a 30-minute lesson (not 60) and three weekly online lessons, and a playing lesson offered as either an a la carte option or as a group lesson.

    I am amazed at your ability to quickly identify things people need to work on. I don’t know if you (or anyone who comes to you) needs an hour of personalized instruction each month, especially once you get to know someone.

    Keep thinking about stuff like this, Monte. You’ll hit the right market.

  6. Neil

    Great idea, I think you can offer a better environment for deeper practice if you supervise. Can put a stop to endless reps of bad habits right off the bat. Plus the on course instruction. I think a big hurdle for the 15-20 capper is what they are doing off the tee (negative self talk, poor fundamentals, bad club/shot selection). A good instructor could help the player get out of there own way. Like you have said before, it’s about eliminating the things that don’t allow you to swing the club naturally.

    The on course is such a huge component, that’s why everyone is so amazed when they play with a scratch golfer. You get to see the process and strategy behind hitting shots and scoring. Not playing golf swing.

  7. joe

    Love it. I’d pay top dollar to try this for 6 months. Figure, if it failed, I’d save money in the long run as I should probably give up the game. If success, it’d be worth it

  8. Don M

    The playing lesson is the key IMO. Instead of a golfer coming to you asking to work on X, you will see where the problems are. Most of us don’t realize where we are wasting the most strokes, or where we have the best chance to improve. And some of us need to learn which holes should be played for bogey, option par, to avoid the blowups.

    • Bob

      Interesting you say that.

      I used to love watching the Nationwide Tour guys when they came through Empire Lakes in Rancho Cucamonga. I learned a ton about managing that course from watching them and it’s a big part of the reason you won’t see the cover come off my driver until the fifth hole. (Watched a guy this weekend hit four drives off the tee before putting one unquestionably in play. Me? Five iron, five iron, chip and two putt for bogey. I can live with that.)

      Obviously everyone’s problems are different and I think I’d gain more from the hour lesson and supervised practice. Not that my course management is flawless, but it’s the blow up holes that kill me. I know he shot I need to execute, it’s just doing it that’s the issue.

  9. John

    It’s super stuff. I love creative thinking. I believe (along with the previous poster) that American golfers are obsessed with the golf swing, and not so much with playing golf. Lots of range time, constant tinkering, swing theory, positions, one plane, two plane, blah, blah, blah. Golfers don’t improve because they can’t get the ball in the hole. I’m on the lower handicap side of things and I feel I would love a package where the “swing” part of the instruction was quite short in duration, 15 minutes would do from time to time. The on course part of the deal, learning how to score is very attractive. I have only taken two lessons with Monte mostly due to budget and time constraints, but in one of those lessons we didn’t have any range time at all, but he showed me several scoring shots around the practice green that paid, and are still paying, big dividends for me, a year later. I can only imagine how beneficial more of that sort of thing would be especially on the course.

  10. pcb_duffer

    The only thing that proposal lacks, IMHO, is some way to compel the player to more and better practice. I’m as guilty of that failing as anyone, and I know that life sometimes just gets in the way of my being able to get to the range and really practice. But the folks who would come to you and cough up the money are more or less more motivated be definition, so hopefully they’ll understand that they have to work at it. There just isn’t a shortcut.

  11. stephen

    It depends who your market is, it’s probably in the $500 to $750 per month area I would guess
    Perhaps the scratch teenager who has visions of trying to turn pro. (Who has rich parents)

    It’s more than I could afford, in time or money,
    I’m in no doubt it would make a difference to my handicap, but does that mean I enjoy the game more? Not sure?

  12. Joeunc

    sure wish I wasn’t on east coast after reading this!

  13. Craig

    Considering how many people pay a personal trainer upwards of $50-100/hr for 3x weekly sessions and the relative lack of qualifications necessary to become a personal trainer compared to what’s required for a fresh out of PAT PGA pro, the value proposition for what Monte offers should be a no brainer for people in that snack bracket.

    Shoot, I paid $25 or whatever it was for one online video lesson at golfswingfix from Monte and it’s made a huge difference. I can’t even imagine what having the resources to afford his proposed plan would do to my game. I’ve made incremental improvements in my scoring this year just from hitting better shots and that has greatly increased my enjoyment.

  14. Greg K

    I love the idea, the trick is how do you actually motivate people to actually practice. Maybe come up with a system of drills that takes 30-45 minutes to complete and then your done for the day. Alot of people have trouble grinding on something for 2 hours. Something like make 5 3 foot putts in a row, make 3 6 foot putts (not in a row) then lag 3 balls to withing 3 feet to 3 different flags. Putting done, then something for chipping/pitching ect. Make it quick and easy with a specific goals something that could be done everyday or just a couple times a week.

  15. Andrew

    Great Idea, Monte, can you put together a package for us that live other side the world? i.e. something that can be done online?

  16. Duncan

    I’m already an online student of yours Monte, if I wasn’t in Germany I would buy this in a heart beat.

    I think there are bigger advances to be made in HOW people practice and translating FEEL (subjective) into correct physical action. I’ve noticed over our lessons how much bullshit there is out there that is a ‘different language’ to that which the student speaks internally. I’ve learnt, in fact, that the golf swing is nothing like the action I have always thought it was. Epiphany.

    But I am in Germany, so tough luck here! Good luck, hope it takes off for you and the lucky participants.

  17. Mike Greene

    Monte, this is exactly what I’m going to need next season. Forward vision…I love it! It’s about playing golf, not playing golf swing.

  18. bob crissy


    Great idea what about a six month program over the internet?



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