Cost of game improvement package.




  1. stephen

    Considering the quality of instruction, this is excellent value for money.

  2. Rolf

    Rolf here. Lives in Sweden so my thoughts are just hypotetic 😉

    Agree: Excellent value for Money.

    Have been reading Your blog and watched Your You Tube lessons for a long time now. It´s a shame Scotty can´t beam me up from Stockholm to California…

    My Aha-moment were when I understood (I hope) Your thoughts around secondary tilt. HUGE difference for me. Thanks!


  3. Doug

    Monte — I think it would be interesting to do lessons via skype/facetime. That would be really nice for those who are not in California. That would provide more of an interactive session. I have done the swingfix lessons, which are good also.

  4. Rancho Bob

    *saving pennies*

  5. Blades

    Monty, my marketing acumen says to modify by adding three-month option for $999. I think that’s a significant psychological price point. Wish I was able to take advantage of your services live. You’ve already revolutionized my short game.

    And I don’t know another golf pro who could throw in allusions to Paradise Lost during a playing lesson.

      • Blades

        “And since quality repetition is what creates good golf, redundancy from an instructor is not a sin and doesn’t put you in the third ring of Inferno. With redundancy being a virtue, I get to follow Beatrice into Paradiso.”

        Great stuff, Monte! In the same article you referenced Falstaff! To what point, I have no idea.


        • Blades

          Whoops, I just realized my error, that’s not Paradise lost, it’s Dante’s Paradiso, right? Seems like you went to a couple of classes during college.

        • Monte Scheinblum

          That’s Dante, not Milton. 😀

          I make so many obscure references, I don’t remember them all.

  6. Phil Wood


    As a guy who is trying to put a golf game together and practices 2-3 days a week, this sounds like it would be perfect for me and that price point would be a bargain for the quality and quantity of instruction.

    Count me in for a 6 months if this gets going.

  7. Andrew Tyler

    If I lived closer I would do it. If say I lived in Bakersfield. Then again, if I lived in Bakersfield I would probably be dead from self inflicted gun shot.

  8. Chris

    Can you give a bit more detail of what the game improvement package includes? This sounds like a great deal!

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Each month you get 1 full or hour lesson, 3 half hours supervised practice sessions and a 9 hole playing lesson (green fee included).

      They can be used at any time at your discretion and schedule. The supervised practice sessions are to make sure you are working on the right things and the playing lesson is to find the week areas that need attention.


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