Friday was a good day.

I found my old ball flight pattern that I had not seen in 10-12 years on the course or range. I will talk more about that and how it happened on Monday. It will be very educational for all of you to help you own game.

It was a combo of three things that helped me find it. My post on Friday, something Steve Bishop said about my swing in his critique of it and trying to show someone my imitation of an element in Bobby Jones swing.




  1. geoff duncan

    Good for you. Friday’s post on staying behind the ball was excellent. I’m just coming back from knee problems and have been hitting it all over. The last two days I’ve worked on staying behind it and it made a dramatic difference. Higher and softer. Thanks.

  2. Steve Bishop

    Curious what part of my advice it was that helped. Always love to hear feedback.

  3. Bob

    Awesome Monte. More good days like Friday, please!


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