The importance of the rear foot.

I was reminded again today about how important it is to have the rear foot square to the target line or even turned in a bit.

If your rear foot is flared it will cause you to over rotate to the inside and cause all sorts of problems.

For those of you that get the club stuck (ME ME ME!!!!!) and for those of you that get it too far inside and come over the top, turning that right foot at least square, f not turned in.

I have flat feet and a bad right knee, so it is very easy and comfortable for me to flare that back foot.

BAD, BAD BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. S.

    T. Woods shows how to get the club “stuck.”


  2. Bob


    Don’t sugar coat it. How do you really feel?

    Seriously, great post as usual. Thanks.

  3. Mike Z

    My Dad told me that Jack Nicklaus and Nick Faldo were commenting during the Memorial telecast about how Tiger’s swing sucks because he dips his head, gets stuck, releases it weird, etc., exactly as you have been saying for months. Kind of funny.

    • Monte Scheinblum

      Thanks for noticing Mike. It’s actually been for years…LOL. Only now are people I am not a complete lunatic. Last year I got lambasted for criticizing Tiger’s swing and Haney.

      • Mike Z

        By the way, your posture and right foot posts the past 2 weeks were great for me. I’ve been practicing a lot in preparation for a charity scramble next week, but hit a wall and started to really struggle until your recent posts.

        I played today and made 7 birdies to shoot 74 (three bad holes!). Not bad for a guy that was a bogey player before finding your blog last summer. Thanks.

  4. Steve Bishop

    I still don’t understand the “let your right leg straighten” crowd.

    If you have a hard time turning the hips THEN it’s ok to flare the back foot IMO. But a surprisingly low percentage of people actually have a “hip turn” problem. Most people have a shoulder turn problem because they use their arms and hands to leverage the club. It’s rarely a “body stiffness” issue so much as a commitment to turn issue.


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