Proper weight shift vs. getting in front vs. hanging back




  1. carrera

    Good video…I often move forward in a mistaken effort to get “forward shaft lean” “compression” and all that good stuff.

  2. Steve Bishop

    Pretty good video.

    It’s not nearly as complex as I think a lot of people make it out to be. Hips get to the front foot, head stays back. You have to do BOTH. If the hips stay back along with the head you have your first example. If the head and the hips get in front, you have the second example.

    Body TURNS together but the shift happens from the ground up.

  3. Colby

    Thanks Monte!
    This is my biggest swing flaw right now..could be my only swing flaw, but since it’s so consistent, hard to tell what other problems may be lurking till I get this addressed.

    Anyways, is thinking of getting the right hipbone pointed toward the target at finish a good thought, or can it be counter-productive in some way?


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