Frank’s weekend

He has so much riding on this weekend, I just hope he does his best to stay in the moment and play the proverbial one shot at a time.

Here is his emotional dilemma.

A top ten gets him next week. A top 5 gets him through second stage of Q-school. A top 2 gets him through Q-school. A win gets him 2 years on tour.

I would try to steer him away from any of these discussions and he does not read my blog or I wouldn’t be writing this.

If he can detach himself from those thoughts, he will do fine, but if he starts thinking that way…yikes.

What all of you can learn from this is in your personal “levels.”

“If I can just par the last 4 holes, I can shoot my best score ever.”

Those are the kinds of thoughts that turn into steer jobs away from trouble and into a different kind of trouble.

Got to be involved in every shot your hit. That is what made Tiger best. He was possibly the best ever at hitting every shot as best as he could. Now that he is smoking the swingcrack pipe, he is not nearly as good at this.



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  1. woody

    If anyone didn’t look it up 71-64-72.

    Sat. start looked like a disaster +3 after 6, looks like he played -1 the rest of the day.

    If I’m reading this right, nice recovery, going from 7th, to 45th, back to 39th.


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